Voting in an OTW Election

In order to vote for members of the Board of the Organization for Transformative Works, you must be a fully-paid member of the OTW by June 30 of the election year. Check the Timeline for the other important dates.

You must have made a donation using a personal check, credit card, or PayPal account belonging to you. For membership purposes, we need to be able to connect your payment with a bank account or credit card so we can verify that you’re a real person and an individual when we hold elections.

Join the OTW and gain the right to vote!

Once you have assured your eligibility as a voter, please read the voting instructions.

The following actions will be grounds for voter disqualification for the election year in which the action takes place:

  • Offering any incentive for a vote (whether monetary or another sort of consideration, including fannish creative works).
  • Outing any candidate’s pseudonym, or linking the legal and fannish names of any OTW member or volunteer who has not chosen to make that connection public.