Voting in an OTW Election

In order to vote for members of the Board of the Organization for Transformative Works, you must be a fully-paid member of the OTW by June 30 of the election year. Please note that your donation receipt will be dated in US Eastern Time, so if your donation is listed after 19:59 on June 30 on the receipt, you won’t be eligible to vote.

If you are unsure whether your donation was made before the deadline, please contact our Development and Membership Committee by using the contact form on our website and selecting “Is my membership current/Am I eligible to vote?”. Check the Timeline for the other important dates.

You must have made a donation using a personal check, credit card, or PayPal account belonging to you. For membership purposes, we need to be able to connect your payment with a bank account or credit card so we can verify that you’re a real person and an individual when we hold elections.

Join the OTW and gain the right to vote!

Once you have assured your eligibility as a voter, please read the voting instructions.

The following actions will be grounds for voter disqualification for the election year in which the action takes place:

  • Offering any incentive for a vote (whether monetary or another sort of consideration, including fannish creative works).
  • Outing any candidate’s pseudonym, or linking the legal and fannish names of any OTW member or volunteer who has not chosen to make that connection public.