Voting Instructions for 2024

The OTW 2024 Board of Directors election will be held on August 16-19. It will open at 12:01am UTC on August 16 and close at 11:59pm UTC on August 19 (What time is that for me?). If you are not available during this time, please find someone who is willing to serve as a proxy for you (who you trust) and contact the Elections Committee no later than 11:59 pm UTC on August 6 (What time is that for me?) with the email address of your proxy. Please send all proxy requests through our Contact Form.

You will receive an email when the election opens. It will direct you to a unique URL containing the ballot. Keep this email until after you’ve voted, since the Elections Committee does not have the ability to manually resend ballot links.

The voting instructions email contains a link to a test version of the ballot. Please follow that link to make sure that the page displays correctly and the candidates are visible. If not, please ensure you are not blocking JavaScript from and/or

When you open the ballot, read through the instructions. If you have never voted using the Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) process before, please read about how IRV works before voting.

The candidates will be shown in the left part of the page. Select the “ADD” button next to a candidate’s name to add them to your personal ballot in the order of your preference. First choice is the most preferred, second the next best, and so on. The order of the candidates can be changed by dragging and dropping names after adding them, or by removing and re-adding names with the “REMOVE” and “ADD” buttons.

To cast a valid ballot, you need to add at least one candidate. Once you have ranked all of the candidates you wish to vote for, click on the Vote button to cast your ballot. A vote cannot be canceled or re-cast. For more details, see Voting Instructions.

If you have any questions or run into any technical difficulties, please contact the Elections Committee through our Contact Form. Please choose “voting issues” from the drop-down menu.

Thank you for voting in the OTW elections!