Voting Instructions

Note: Please see 2024 Voter Instructions if you are voting in 2024 and have not read them yet.

All eligible voting members of the Organization for Transformative Works will receive two emails at their OTW-registered email address. The first email, which will be sent prior to the election, will contain voting instructions and the schedule. The second email, which will be sent when the election opens, will contain a link to the ballot.

At 12:01am UTC on the first day of the election polls will open, emails will go out, and that ballot will become active. Voting will continue for 96 hours (4 days), and the polls will close automatically at 11:59pm UTC. To see the voting dates, check the election timeline.

In order to cast a ballot, voters will follow their unique link to the ballot and select the “Add” button beside candidates’ names in order to rank their candidates in order of preference. First choice is the most preferred candidate, second the next best, and so on. Candidates may be moved by dragging and dropping names after adding them, or by removing and re-adding names. In order to cast a valid ballot, at least one candidate must be ranked, but voters may choose to rank all candidates, or only some of the candidates. Once the voter has ranked all of the candidates they wish to vote for, they will click on the Vote button to cast their ballot. A vote cannot be canceled or re-cast, so we encourage voters to think carefully about their votes!

Proxy Policy

If a voter will not be online during the election period, that voter can personally designate a proxy to vote for them by filling out the elections contact form and selecting “Proxy request” from the drop-down menu. The member making the request must include both their OTW-registered email address and the proxy’s email address. Official proxies may be designated up to 2 weeks before the election; after that, voters must make their own arrangements with the understanding that official voting links will not be made available until the election opens on the first day of voting. Any changes to or cancellations of officially designated proxies must also be made at least 2 weeks before the election takes place.

Questions? Please contact us!