Tiffany G 2022 Q&A: Diversity and Inclusion

[Note: There will be 3 Q&A posts total, covering all the topics brought up during the user-submitted Q&A period. Candidates were limited to 300 words per answer.]

How would you plan to help make the OTW a welcoming space for Black fans and all fans of color and continue the process of addressing the previously acknowledged “long-standing issues with racism in fandom”?

As a person of color, I understand the importance and why we need to create a more welcoming space for all fans of color. Making OTW a more welcoming space for Black fans and all other under-represented fans requires a lot of cooperation among different committees. If I were elected to this position, I will be sure to support PAC’s work in reviewing cases that are about racism. We encourage everyone to speak against discrimination and should report to the appropriate committees about individual concerns and follow up with them. In addition, I want to inspire the under-represented people in OTW to speak out and participate more in daily operations and leadership roles. Speaking out will help everyone realize the situations the Black fans face now at OTW and how they impact the organization.

What will you do to combat the racist and transphobic harassment on the platform that has been a major issue for years and make AO3 a safe place for POC/trans people, to address the criticism that AO3 only caters to cis white sometimes queer people?

Racism and transphobic harassment have been problematic since the invention of the world wide web. It is not an easy task to tackle these challenges all at once. For OTW as an organization, we try our best to support everyone, regardless of which community one belongs to. If you do notice something that is harassment of any kind, please report it to the PAC committee by submitting a ticket. The PAC committee is experiencing extremely high volumes of tickets. So, I will make sure to work closely with the PAC committee to define more up-to-date policies regarding hatred and discrimination. In addition, I want to find other ways for board members to receive criticism directly from our users and learn more about the specific kinds of situations where such harassments exist. Then, we can classify the problems out there and tackle respectively.

how do you propose to resolve the issue some archive users have that works are racist or hateful or otherwise problematic?

OTW is an open-source platform, and we welcome all kinds of voices and opinions. As a member of the fanart community and OTW volunteer, I have received hateful and racist comments, so I know how it hurts myself and the community. As mentioned above, the Policy and Abuse committee handles all complaints. I will aim on finding the specific legal difficulties and workload challenges of the PAC committee. This will involve working with other committees and facilitating communications among them. I will also see if other committees can take over some work for the PAC.

Are you in agreement with the June 2020 statement about addressing racism on AO3? What specific things would you like to see OTW/AO3 do about racism, and in particular anti-blackness, on the site? Are you satisfied with the pace of AO3/OTW’s actions so far?

Yes, I agree with the June 2020 statement. I believe these are good points for OTW and the fanwork community. Out of all the proposed changes, I would like to see new features such as “providing work creators more control over comments on their works” and “user muting and blocking”. I believe these changes can really help minimize racism, especially anti-blackness. I will try my best to bring these features to reality by aiding the AD&T (the development) team in triaging work and recruiting new members.

As far as I know, we are working on implementing these changes slowly but firmly. OTW has experienced some incidents recently, and work has slowed down. We will be sure to progress further on these upcoming changes we promised.

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  1. Like a great politician, Tiffany says a lot and nothing at all.
    I wish her well and a lot of growth, but I don’t think she’s candidate material yet

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