Running in an OTW Election

Thank you for your interest in running for the Board of the Organization for Transformative Works! For information on eligibility to run, please visit our Becoming a Candidate page. The following is an overview of the candidacy process.

The election season begins at the end of the declaration period, eight weeks before the election, and extends until the close of polls. We encourage candidates to discuss their platforms, views, and vision with the OTW membership in whatever forum they choose.

Candidates are required to provide a brief public statement summarizing their philosophy, goals for the organization, and views on future directions for the organization. This statement will be made available on the OTW Elections website.

After this statement is presented, the public will have an opportunity to submit questions for the candidates. The candidates will answer these questions on the OTW Elections website, in sets arranged by topic.

Candidates are also encouraged to participate in a public chat, in a forum provided by the OTW, at a mutually agreed time. The transcript from that chat will also be made available on the OTW Elections website.