C. Ryan S.’s Bio & Platform


C. Ryan S.: Ryan’s earliest memories of being in fandom stem from watching Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! in the early morning hours before school with his dad. He can remember talking about the shows and games with other children in his class and feeling that familiar sense of camaraderie that we all feel today. If asked though, he would point out that his first true encounter with fandom at large wouldn’t occur until years later in 2008 when he began using online forums for text-based roleplaying games & Fanfiction.net for his early fanfic consumption. Ryan first started volunteering for the OTW during his first year in university in 2013; due to personal circumstances, he left the OTW for a while before returning to service in 2015. Since then, he’s graduated from university with a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology and begun working as a security engineer. Read More

Erica F.’s Bio & Platform


Erica F. was around for the founding of the OTW and participated in some of the early discussion groups. After the OTW was formed, she joined Fanlore where she has worked for more than 10 years. She also spent some time as a Tag Wrangler, and later became involved with an Open Doors fanzine preservation project where she has been also volunteering for the past few years.

Her online fannish activities went from email lists to forums to Livejournal to Dreamwidth to Tumblr to Discord while avoiding Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. In 2022, she took her fandom in an extremely retro direction and joined FAPA, the science fiction mailing list (paper, not email) that’s been active since 1938.

Outside of the OTW, she works in document processing and loves her job. She is on the Board of another fannish nonprofit org, has worked in indie publishing, and has been staff at several science fiction conventions.

She has a tendency to join fandoms two years after everyone else, which means she misses out on a lot of the early discussion and headcanons turning into fanon, but there are lots of completed long fics to read. She almost always stays involved in fandoms; she’s still interested in the fandoms she loved on Livejournal and before.

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Rachel L.’s Bio and Platform


Rachel L.: Rachel L. (she/her) has been writing fanfiction for more than a decade. She wears a number of hats in the Organization for Transformative Works as a Tag Wrangler and Wrangling Supervisor, and Policy & Abuse Committee member. Off the internet, she’s a grad student, D&D player, and metaphorical hat collector.
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Tish S.’s Bio and Platform


Tish S. (she/her) started reading fanfiction in the late 90s when many authors had their own webpages or posted on newsgroups for specific fandoms, making it much more difficult to discover new fandoms. Discovering AO3 in late 2010 changed her reading habits and expanded the number of fandoms she followed beyond the original two. She has worked in IT and for software companies in various capacities, ranging from technical support, account and project management, to training, knowledge base administration, and other system administration roles. In 2013, she decided to volunteer as a tester to give back to the community and gain additional experience for a potential career change. Although that experience was ultimately not needed, she has continued to enjoy volunteering for OTW, joining Open Doors as an Import Assistant and later becoming a Mentor.
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2024 OTW Election Timeline and Membership Deadline

The OTW Elections committee is pleased to announce that the timeline for the 2024 election for new members of the Board of Directors has been posted!

This year’s election will be held August 16-19. This means that the deadline for volunteers to declare their candidacy is June 21.

As usual, the election membership deadline is June 30. If you’re interested in voting, please make sure your membership is active as of that date. Please note that your donation receipt will be dated in US Eastern Time, so if your donation is listed after 19:59 on June 30, 2024 on the receipt, you won’t be eligible to vote. If you are unsure whether your donation was made before the deadline, please contact our Development and Membership Committee by using the contact form on our website and selecting “Is my membership current/Am I eligible to vote?”. Read More

OTW Election Statistics for 2023

Now that the 2023 election is over, we’re happy to share with you our voter turnout statistics!

For the 2023 Election, we had 15274 total eligible voters. Of those, 4247 voters cast a ballot, which represents 27.80% of the potential voters.

Our voter turnout is lower than that of last year, which had a turnout of 39.3%.

We also saw a decrease in the number of ballots cast, from 4574 to 4247, which represents a 7.1% decrease.

Elections is committed to continuing to reach out to our eligible members to encourage them to vote in elections. Whoever is elected to the Board of Directors can have an important influence on the long-term health of the OTW’s projects, and we want our members to have a say in that.

For those who might be interested in the number of votes each candidate received, please note that our election process is designed to elect an equal cohort of Board members in order to allow them to work well together, so we do not release that information. As a general rule, we also won’t disclose the candidate rankings.

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who participated at every stage of the election! We hope to see you at the virtual polls again next year.