Members – Check Your Email for Voting Instructions

At this time, all eligible OTW members should have received an email linking to the voting instructions for 2019. The subject line was “Voting Instructions for Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) Board Election”. Please note that anyone who didn’t receive this email is not on the voter rolls this year and will not receive a ballot.

The voting instructions email contains a link to a test version of the ballot. Please follow that link to make sure that the page displays correctly and the candidates are visible. If not, please ensure you are not blocking JavaScript from,, and/or

If you are a member and didn’t receive this email, please do the following:

  1. Check your spam folder.
    • If you use Gmail, check your Social tab.
    • If the email is marked as spam, unmark it. Otherwise, you will not receive your ballot, as it will end up in spam as well.
  2. If no email is present, open your donation receipt and check the date.
    • To vote in this election, your receipt must be dated between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019, inclusive of both dates.
    • If you paid by check, your membership is measured by the arrival date of the check.
  3. If your donation was made during the eligible time period, make sure you checked the box to become a member. Membership is voluntary for those who donate at least $10; only members can vote.
  4. If you did become a member, make sure you neither marked any email from the OTW as spam nor opted out of OTW emails or last year’s ballot. If you did so and would like to vote this year, you’ll need to follow step 5 below.
  5. If you donated at least $10 during the eligible period and you checked the box to become a member, please fill out the Elections Contact Form and select the topic “Is my membership current/Am I eligible to vote?” Make sure to include the email you used when donating.
    • Membership has no connection to being a user of AO3 or Fanlore. Please don’t give us your AO3 or Fanlore username – we have no way of knowing who that name belongs to, and we don’t want to know.

Most importantly, if the voting instructions email bounces, gets marked as spam, or you opt out, you will not receive a ballot for this year’s election, and you may not receive a ballot next year. Similarly, if any of those things happened to last year’s election emails, you will not receive a ballot this year. Therefore, if you previously opted out of OTW emails or marked them as spam and would like to vote, fill out the Elections Contact Form and select the topic “Is my membership current/Am I eligible to vote?”

Rebecca Sentance 2019 Q&A: Group 3

If you as a Board member could change one committee policy/procedure, what would it be?

I definitely don’t think that it’s within the purview of the OTW Board of Directors to make changes to individual committee policies or procedures, and neither should it be. Individual committee policies and procedures are the purview of that committee and that committee alone; if they impact on other committees, they might be devised in collaboration with the committee(s) in question, but this would still not make them the Board’s purview to change or determine. Committees and their chairs are the ones who know best what policies and procedures to enact, and how to go about doing so.

As with making changes to AO3’s Terms of Service, Board interference with committee-level procedures and policies would be a serious breach of trust – and moreover, would go against what the Board exists for, which is to oversee and ensure the smooth functioning of the OTW at a big-picture level, not to micro-manage committees.

At the very most, I imagine that while serving on the Board of Directors, I might be called upon to give advice or discuss issues with committee chairs that impact on procedures or policy, but even then, this would purely be a discussion aimed at helping the committee to find the best solution – not a change made by the Board.

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Kirsten Wright 2019 Q&A: Group 3

If you as a Board member could change one committee policy/procedure, what would it be?

I think committee policies and procedures should be left up to the committees. Instead, I would be happy to work with each committee, and help them to evaluate what they are currently doing. In my view, the board should act as more of a guiding hand rather than a blunt hammer. I believe that committees know best how to operate while the board ensures efficiency and best practices.
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Morgan Schroeder 2019 Q&A: Group 3

If you as a Board member could change one committee policy/procedure, what would it be?

The Board does not (and should not) suggest committees changes their policies and procedures unless there’s a very strong reason to do so, such as legal requirements changing or inter-committee issues requiring arbitration. Even in those cases, I wouldn’t push for change without the committee’s agreement.

Even if I as a Board member could just go in and change how a committee operates, I likely wouldn’t know enough about the intricacies of the committee to do so unless I was a staff member. I do look forward to learning more about committees as a Board member, if I am elected, but that still wouldn’t give me the ability to go digging around in their policies.

As for the committees that I am staff on, I would definitely bring up potential changes as a committee member rather than a Board member, so that we could discuss and decide together.

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Morgan Schroeder 2019 Q&A: Group 2

Is there anything about the AO3’s Terms of Service or how they’re currently applied that you think should be modified?

I don’t think anything needs to be modified at the moment, though I would of course be open to reviewing them as legal needs require, should I be elected. As our Vision Statement says, “We envision a future in which all fannish works are recognized as legal and transformative,” and I think our Terms of Service reflects that. The last time we revised our Terms of Service for AO3 was to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, and unless other legislation is passed that would affect us or the site undergoes a major change, I don’t see any need to further modify either the Terms of Service or how we apply them.

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