OTW Election Candidates – 2012

The OTW is happy to announce that we have three highly qualified candidates who have stepped forward to fill the three seats open on the Board at the end of the 2012 term.

The initial candidates’ chat was held at 1800 UTC 29 September 2012. Read a transcript here.

The second candidates’ chat was held at 0500 UTC 3 October 2012. Read a transcript here.

The third candidates’ chat was held at 1500 UTC 6 October 2012. Read a transcript here.

Franzeska Dickson

Franzeska Dickson does back office work in finance. Always a geek, she was introduced to fanfiction by alt.tv.x-files at the tender age of 13 and has been in fanworks fandom ever since, first as a reader, then a writer and beta, and now a vidder. Her favorite venues and events are pan-fandom ones, including her own rare Asian fandoms exchange. She has previously served on the Content, Abuse, Webmasters, and Tag Wrangling Committees as well as filling various other volunteering positions within OTW.

Read Franzeska’s manifesto here.



Eylul Dogruel

Eylul Dogruel is an artist and an MFA candidate at Marmara University, Istanbul. She has an eclectic background combining computer sciences and art. Her knowledge and interests cover a range of topics including new media, sci-fi, customer support, web technologies and usability. Eylul is a lifelong fan and has moved through various media and gaming fandoms. She is a fanfic reader, fanart appreciator, an MMO roleplayer and, occasionally, a meta writer. Her current fandoms include Warcraft, Doctor Who and The Longest Journey/Dreamfall.

Read Eylul’s manifesto here.



Andrea Horbinski, MA

Andrea Horbinski is a Ph.D. student in modern Japanese history at the University of California, Berkeley. She was previously a Fulbright Fellow to Japan and was a founding member of the OTW’s Internationalization & Outreach committee. She joined online fandom in 1999 after writing her middle school graduation speech on her love of Star Wars, and soon became involved in anime and manga fandom as an AMV editor and later a fan translator. She has discussed fandom, anime, manga, and Japanese history and folklore at conventions and conferences including Otakon, Sirens, WisCon, and the Popular Culture Association, and as well as writing for the Symposium blog of the Transformative Works and Cultures journal, she continues to actively produce fan translations, fanfic, and vids.

Read Andrea’s manifesto here.