OTW 2011 Board Candidate Withdrawal: A Message from Lucy Pearson

We regret to announce that Lucy Pearson has withdrawn her candidacy in the upcoming OTW Board elections. We are deeply saddened to lose her as a candidate, but also deeply glad for her to have a chance to take care of herself and her needs. Lucy: thank you for your candidacy; it’s been an honour.

Lucy requested that the OTW Elections Officer post this statement to OTW members on her behalf.

I am formally withdrawing my candidacy in the OTW Board elections due to personal reasons. As this election has progressed, I have realised that the challenges facing the incoming 2012 Board are more complex and considerable than I had initially realised (I was expecting this to be a year of change, but had not realised the full extent). At the same time, my responsibilities in my own personal life and career have increased more substantially than anticipated. In light of this, I feel that I will not be able to perform my duties as an OTW Board member as well as I would want, or as well as OTW members deserve. I want OTW members to have as full and reliable a choice of candidates as possible, and I don’t want to risk getting onto the Board and then finding that I can’t do what I promised. So, while I believe I have a lot to offer the org, and a lot to offer a potential Board of the future, this isn’t the year for me. Apologies to the many people who supported me – I’m sorry to have to disappoint you this time around.

Thank you, and apologies again.