Morgan Schroeder 2019 Q&A: Group 1

What is your strategy to raise awareness of OTW’s projects, aims and goals in future?

I feel that an important part of being a member of the Board is to be there to support all the committees as needed, and help them to coordinate efforts between themselves whenever possible. With that in mind, my strategy would start with turning to our Communication committee and our Development and Membership committee, since they produce the means with which we provide outreach to the general public. Another committee that I’d want to offer assistance to would be the Translation committee, since they would be able to help get awareness out to the general public on a more international level.

What would you like to see happen with the OTW and its projects over the next five to ten years? How would you lay the groundwork towards this future?

I’d like to see all of the OTW’s projects continue to grow over the next five to ten years! In general, I’d love to support Transformative Works & Cultures as they continue to produce amazing issues of their journal, our Legal committee as they continue to defend fans and fanworks, and the Archive as it continues to grow and gain users.

One specific thing I’d like to see happen is the translation of the archive, which I’d love to start laying the groundwork for if I’m able to. This would mainly involve committees I’m not personally involved with, including our Accessibility, Design & Technology committee and our Translation committee, but I’d be happy to facilitate and collaborate so that they have the resources they need to work on this.

What do you think is the greatest problem currently facing fandom? Should the OTW address it in any way, directly or indirectly? How?

There are many problems facing fandom right now, but one big problem in my opinion is censorship. The Archive was built as a home for all kinds of fanworks, including the kinds of works that have been removed from other sites in the past, and I do not believe our stance should change. Our Legal committee has also been defending fanworks since the founding of the Organization. I suppose my answer to the second question is that we already are addressing it by being open to all noncommercial, non-ephemeral fanworks, and I’d very much like to see us continue that.

Do you think the OTW needs to hire paid staff? Why or why not?

I do think we will eventually need to hire paid staff, but I don’t know that it will happen in the next three years. On one hand, the OTW is constantly growing and expanding, and I think we’ll need to make a few key positions paid instead of relying on volunteers to work full time and also donate their free time to the OTW. On the other hand, all of the money we operate on is from donations, so unless donations increase by a significant amount, we will not be able to afford the kind of paid staff we would need.