Kirsten Wright 2019 Q&A: Group 3

If you as a Board member could change one committee policy/procedure, what would it be?

I think committee policies and procedures should be left up to the committees. Instead, I would be happy to work with each committee, and help them to evaluate what they are currently doing. In my view, the board should act as more of a guiding hand rather than a blunt hammer. I believe that committees know best how to operate while the board ensures efficiency and best practices.

Do you see it as critical to OTW as a non-profit to actively work towards racial and international diversity in its board, staff and volunteers? If so, what concrete steps will you lead the org in taking to achieve this?

I think it’s important to know that the OTW does not possess this information about its staff or userbase. We have a standing policy of allowing staff to choose the name they use, and don’t ask about location or demographic information at all. This is so we have no way of linking personal and fandom identity that could cause someone real life harm. Because of this, our hiring practices are 100% blind, and we have no way of knowing what country someone is in or what race they are unless they choose to provide that information.

At this point in time, I think it’s important we continue that policy. There are people on our staff living in countries that might not appreciate them working for us now. There are people whose personal or professional lives might be put at risk if their fandom identity were to be discovered. In my opinion, it is critical that we never adapt a policy that has the potential to cause actual harm to any of our staff or users.

Share the story of a negative experience you’ve had in the OTW as a volunteer and what you’ve learned from it.

The one truly negative experience I have had was my own fault: I had to go on hiatus for a career move I made, which went through our willing-to-serve-period, and I was unable to fill out the still willing to serve form. This resulted in my removal from my roles in the committee.

I was able to get it fixed as soon as I noticed, and was put back into new role, but since then, I make sure that I am able to fill out that form! I am sure it caused just as much stress for the committee as it did for me, and I am eternally grateful we were able to get it straightened out.

Since then, I have been incredibly vigilant about making sure I fill the form out!

What do you appreciate or admire about your fellow candidate?

I really admire them for running! Running for election for the board is one of the scariest and most important things I’ve done, and I am so grateful that we have such a great group of people willing to take that leap.

Both of my fellow candidates have also done a lot of work for the OTW, in multiple roles and committees, and of course that is always appreciated. All of our staff does so much essential work for the organization, and it is very much appreciated!