Important Message from Elections Committee (Updated)

To all OTW members, the Elections Committee would like to extend our sincerest apologies.

After the close of the election, it was pointed out to us that we had an incorrect closing date in the ballot email sent out to voters. The dates in the voting instructions email and post – as well as in each tweet, tumblr post, website post, and graphic – were all correct. In the process of reformatting our ballot email to address questions submitted by members and to make it shorter and easier to read, the error was introduced and not caught during the review process. We’re very sorry for this oversight.

This year’s election was somewhat unique in that, from the very beginning of the candidacy period, the 3rd place candidate repeatedly stated his desire not to be elected. Voters strongly respected that request. It’s unclear to what extent any voter confusion may have affected the final tally, but given that voting slowed to a trickle after Saturday morning UTC, it’s highly unlikely that additional votes would have altered the final outcome. However, we as a committee feel strongly that any eligible member who wants to vote should get to do so, and we are deeply saddened that even a few members were unable to do so in time due to our mistake.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to reopen the election itself, because the third-party voting software does not have an option for reopening an election once it’s stopped. We can’t accept additional ballots via other methods, because ballots must be fully anonymized for the privacy of members. For these reasons, we have no workable mechanism for accepting further ballots in this election.

Again, we apologize to anyone who did not get a chance to vote. We will take great pains to ensure this never happens again.

Update: We have found a technical solution, but it must be limited to people who actively attempt to vote. If you were affected by the typo and unable to vote in time, please email the Elections Committee address listed in your ballot email by 11:59pm UTC on September 29 to receive a new ballot and instructions.