When will we know the results?

Full results will be posted after the polls close; barring unforeseen difficulties, we will announce results no later than three days after the end of balloting. In the case of a delay, Elections will post status updates on the cause and the timeline for resolution.

How does the voting process work?

Eligible voters—all paid members in good standing—will be sent instructions to the e-mail addresses they used to join the organization. All ballots are anonymous.

Votes will be counted using a version of instant runoff voting modified for multi-winner elections. For a full explanation, please see the voting process information page.

Why can’t I become a member by donating my time to the OTW?

As a legally recognized nonprofit organization, we are obligated to make sure each vote comes from a distinct, legally recognized individual. The easiest way to do this is by tying membership status to donations made via a bank account or credit card — that is, a payment method that establishes identity. It’s because of this principle that donations made via cash or money order do not confer membership.

I donated more than $10, why haven’t I received any information about the election?

There could be a number of causes:

  1. Was your donation made prior to the current election year? If you’re not sure, you can contact our Development & Membership Committee to double-check. Only donations made during the current election year qualify a member to vote in that year’s election.
  2. Have you unsubscribed from OTW emails? If so, you can email [email protected] to get back on the list.
  3. Are OTW emails being sorted into your spam folder? If you don’t want that to happen, try adding @transformativeworks.org to your list of safe contacts.

If none of the above apply, contact us and we can try to sort out the issue.

How do I become eligible to vote in the election?

You can become a member of the OTW by donating 10 USD or more. Membership lasts one year from the date you donate. This makes you eligible to vote in one OTW election. If you’re already a member, and you donate $10 or more again, the expiration date of your membership moves forward; it is always one year from your most recent $10-or-more donation. To see the voter eligibility period for this year’s election, view the election timeline.