What does a member of the Board of Directors do?

As a group, their duties include carrying out strategic planning and decision-making in areas such as the OTW’s mission, annual budget, projects and priorities; maintaining a long-term focus for the organization; monitoring progress toward strategic goals; ensuring organizational legal compliance; taking responsibility for organizational actions; having legal responsibility for the organization and its finances with the IRS; and signing contracts, disbursing funds, and transacting business of various kinds.

Individually, board members are expected to attend chat-based meetings; keep up to speed with relevant organizational communications and reports; and act in good faith in the best interests of the OTW.

Which positions in the OTW are elected?

Only members of the Board of Directors are elected. The Board of Directors is the group of individuals that heads the organization. Individuals do not run for specific offices; they run for a seat on the Board. Three officer roles connected to the Board (President, Treasurer, and Secretary) are chosen annually, and they may be filled by board members or other volunteers.

At least two directors are elected each year (in an election by paying OTW members), and they currently serve for three-year terms.