Can OTW logos be used during campaigns?

During campaigns, avoid using OTW official logos (or images that may be mistaken for OTW official logos), including logos for individual projects like AO3. You can reblog or retweet official OTW announcements that contain such logos, but please don’t associate the logos with campaigning for a specific candidate or candidates. This is to avoid the impression that the OTW is endorsing a specific candidate or candidates.

What does the campaign process look like?

First, you will write a Bio. This is a short paragraph detailing your relevant experience – offline, in the OTW, and in fandom.

Second, you will answer the Platform questions, which are the same for all candidates.

Third, you will participate in the Q&A process. The questions are submitted by the public.

Fourth, you will attend public chats. These will be arranged by Elections around your schedule.

Will I be able to run again?

Yes, if you are not elected, then you will be able to run in the next election, assuming that you again meet all eligibility requirements at that time.

What is the difference between a contested election and an uncontested election?

A contested election occurs when there are more candidates than there are available seats on the Board, and the voters choose which ones will be elected.

An uncontested election occurs when the number of open seats on the Board is equal to or greater than the number of candidates. Each candidate is technically unopposed and will automatically be elected to the Board following the election process (excluding the vote, which will not be needed). All remaining empty seats will remain empty until the next election.

How do I declare candidacy?

Make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements and are willing to run under your legal name. Email the Elections chair with your legal name and a statement that you are over 18. Please let the Elections Committee know if you are serving under a pseudonym and whether you want to change your OTW name to your legal one before your candidacy or after election. Elections will then check with the proper committees to verify your eligibility. The deadline for candidacy declaration is listed on the election timeline.