What is voting by proxy? How does it work?

Voting by proxy is designating someone else to cast your vote in the election, which OTW is required to allow by Delaware law. Typically, it can be done if a member will be away from internet access or have other commitments during the entire election period.

If a member is unable to access the test ballot, for example they could be using outdated software or have other software compatibility issues that make the ballot inaccessible, they will likely have the same issue with the real ballot and should choose to designate a proxy. You must designate your own proxy. The Elections Committee and the OTW do not designate proxies for members.

Proxies are assigned by email. The emailed proxy request must

  1. originate from the email account you used to donate to the OTW;
  2. be addressed to both [email protected] and your proxy;
  3. include your legal name; and
  4. include a declaration that you wish to assign your proxy to the emailed recipient.

Your proxy must reply to that email, acknowledging receipt, and include their legal name in the reply. This reply must be received by [email protected] at least two weeks before the election. If you would like to change or cancel your proxy, you may do so up until the same deadline. The official deadline for proxy assignment will be included on the election timeline.

After the proxy assignment deadline, proxy assignments last six months. Until those six months are up, we cannot revoke or change your proxy assignment. If you have been assigned someone else’s proxy vote, you cannot in turn pass it on to someone else.