Erica Dulin 2017 Q&A: Communication and Outreach

How would you approach improving org-related literacy of non-staff volunteers, staff, and members for all committees?

Enroll everyone in the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too.

We could evaluate our navigation and documentation to look for areas of improvement. We could look into how we lay out our information in our internal wiki to make it as clear as possible where you can find what you’re looking for–this would be coordinated with each committee to see what works best for them, with the intention that each volunteer be aware of not just their committee and how it works, but how the organization works as a whole.

On our chat platform we are developing an oral tradition of answering frequently asked questions and these questions and answers should be documented as well.


What is one way that you think the OTW can improve with regards to how information about its work reaches fans?

We’ve really been good with using social media to reach fans and I’d like to see that continued and expanded upon, while finding a balance between fun and necessary information, and making the distinction obvious to users at a glance. I’d also like to work with all relevant committees to find the best, most visible, and appropriate places for FAQ links and the like, and to make sure they are up to date and as easy as possible to find and access.


What do you see as priorities for improving communication – both between the Board and individual committees, and between the OTW as a whole and fandom communities?

I’d like to improve feedback methods and approachability. It can be intimidating to approach people of higher ranks or broach a dissenting or unpopular opinion, so I’d like to see an anonymous form in place for any volunteer (of any rank) to use if they are uncomfortable speaking up or asking a question. I will also try to remain as friendly and open as possible, in the hopes that people will feel comfortable coming to me with their ideas or concerns.