Elections Process Behavior Expectations

In order to encourage an open, welcoming, and positive election process, the Elections Committee requests that candidates, volunteers, and members follow these simple expectations during all official elections activities:

  • Avoid slurs, including physically and mentally ableist slurs such as “lame” or “crazy” and its various synonyms.
  • Respect gender-neutrality and/or pronoun preference.
  • Talk about the candidates’ behavior/words, not the person. Example: Say “X did not address Y concern” rather than “X is inconsiderate.”
  • Don’t use OTW tools/access, or request others to use their tools/access, to harass, stalk, spy on, or threaten any volunteer, member, or candidate.
  • Don’t interfere with the candidacy of any candidate you may be in a position of power over.
  • Avoid outing anyone. This means avoid connecting any fannish persona, name used within the OTW, and/or legal name (or any actions that could be connected with these names), without that person’s explicit permission. Outing will result in removal of voting privileges or, in the case of candidates, removal from the ballot.
  • Don’t bribe anyone with money, fanworks, or anything else. Bribery will also result in removal of voting privileges or removal from the ballot.