Elections 2015 Q&A and Chats

The Elections season is still in full swing! This post has the full round-up of the candidates’ answers to your questions, as well as dates and times for the public chats.


There will be five public chats, all of which will last 90 minutes. Four of them will have three candidates in attendance, and the final chat will have all six–so each candidate will attend three chats total. Chats will take place in our public chatroom.

They are scheduled for:

During these chats, OTW members and volunteers will have the opportunity to ask the candidates questions not already covered in their manifestos, bios, and Q&A, as well as to ask individual questions of specific candidates. If anyone isn’t able to ask all their questions by the end of a given chat, they’ll have an hour to submit their questions via the Elections form; Elections staffers will submit the questions to candidates either at future chats or separately to be added to the chat transcript.

We hope that you can join us for one or all of these chats!


When we posted the Board candidates’ bios and manifestos, we asked the public to submit additional questions for them. Once again, our sincere thanks to everyone who did so! We have been posting groups of questions as the candidates finished them, and the process is now complete.

The following is a list of the topics covered by the questions. Clicking on a topic will take you to the tag containing all the candidates’ answers on that topic.

To navigate answers by individual candidate, please use the links below:

To read all the posts regarding Q&A, simply select the Q&A 2015 tag. You can also read more about the Q&A process.