Election Timeline 2014

The following was the timeline for OTW Elections in 2014. This election was uncontested.

September 9

  • All eligible potential candidates are sent a call for candidacy, outlining their job description and making clear all requirements.

September 19

  • Candidates are required to become members of the OTW by Midnight UTC.

September 26

  • First candidacy deadline at Midnight UTC.

October 3

  • Second candidacy deadline (extension if not enough candidates have stood by the first deadline) at Midnight UTC.

October 9

  • Candidates are publicly announced.

October 10

  • Deadline for candidate bio and manifestos to be given to the Elections Committee, who will pass them along to Communications. Late statements will be added to the elections website but not the blog mirrors.

October 18

  • Deadline to submit questions for the Q&A process.

October 26

  • Deadline to become a member in order to vote in the upcoming election.

October 28

  • Q&A Answers posted.

October 28 – November 1

  • Candidate chats are held.

November 1

  • Term overlap begins.

December 1

  • Rollover begins.