Chat Transcript – August 1

[​​Note: All questions from members and candidate responses appear in the form they were submitted and represent only the views of the individual who wrote them. Questions and responses are not endorsed by the Organization for Transformative Works.]


Hi everyone, and welcome to our 4th (and final) candidate chat for 2022!

Today you’ll have the opportunity to observe 2 candidates: Michelle S and Tiffany G.

My name is Sveritas and I’ll be hosting the candidate side today. On the audience/open_chat side, your host will be my fellow Elections Committee member disjointed.

Disjointed, can you wave so everyone can see you?




Thanks, disjointed!

A transcript of the candidate side of the chat will be posted publicly on our website. The open chat transcript will not be posted there, but its transcripts will remain visible until after the election. During the chat, you may see candidates fix their typos; this is to make Elections Volunteers’ job easier later.

As the candidates discuss each question, audience members can notify disjointed that you have questions for the candidates – either follow-ups or new questions – by raising your hand like this: o/ (for new questions), or o// (for follow-ups to the current question)

Disjointed will pass me the questions, and I will ask them during appropriate pauses in the conversation between the candidates. Disjointed and I welcome all questions, subject to the following restrictions: – Specify who your question is for, or if it’s for all candidates. – Refer to everyone in the room by their username in this conversation. Don’t use other names you may know them by. – Please keep questions reasonable and polite, as well as under 50 words (these are our expectations: – Make sure your question is not a repeat of one already answered in the platforms ( or the Q&A ( If it’s a follow-up to one of those, please say so.

Now, I’d like to welcome our candidates and invite them to say hello

Michelle S

Hi! 🙂

Tiffany G

👋🏽 Hello


Our first question today is: Can you say something nice about each of your fellow candidates?

Michelle S

I would love to say nice things about my fellow candidates! I met Heather when we were both on AO3 Docs, so I appreciate her love of documentation. I like Natalia’s experience and familiarity with the OTW as a whole. I’ve been impressed with Noémie’s answers to the questions so far, both in the Q&A rounds and the chats we’ve already had. I love the new perspective and enthusiasm Tiffany has brought to the questions as well! 🙂

Everyone has been so friendly and supportive this election season, which is always nice. And shout out to Elections staff as well, who have also been awesome!

Tiffany G

Everyone has worked longer here at OTW compared to me. So the time and effort you have put in really helped and inspired me. it would not be possible without all of you.


Thank you both for your kind words. Next up we have questions directed at our candidates individually.

For Michelle S.: Lots of decision-making processes and debate within the org require the skills of active listening, influencing without authority, collaborative problem-solving, particularly when there is a crisis that needs immediate attention and action from Board. Have you had past experiences that equip you with these skills? If so, what are those experiences?

For Tiffany G.: If elected as a board member, what do you most look forward to being able to do that you haven’t been able to do in other positions at the OTW? What do you anticipate will be the biggest challenge?

Tiffany G

I am very interested in the work of PAC and Legal since the very beginning. I have not had a chance to experience it so look forward to learning more about them. I believe a lot of external people have issues with our ToS and policies so working with those will be the biggest challenge. I have had discussions with respective volunteers and it seems like we have limited resources and legal issues that need to be addressed, and delivered to the public.

Michelle S

I’ve worked in retail for quite a while now, so that has given me a lot of practice in active listening! Especially when dealing with upset customers, it’s important to listen and reflect on what is being said so that you can best come up with a solution that works for everyone. As far as collaborative problem-solving, my work as a chair has helped a lot with that. With two other co-chairs, we’re always working together to get work done and solve any problems, so I’m fairly confident that will transfer over to Board work as well.


Thank you for you answers! Our next question is: What is your least favourite thing about working for the OTW? How do you think this can be improved upon?

Tiffany G

I don’t have a least favourite thing actually… if I have to pick a thing, it might be the fact that TW documentation is too complicated. I would want to record some tutorials about the specific terms in fan fiction so a newbie like myself can easily understand and get started. But we have already done a good job as of now.

Michelle S

As I mentioned in the first Q&A round, one frustrating aspect is how long certain things can take to complete, especially projects involving multiple committees. I think this doesn’t necessarily need a lot of improvement – often, the extra time leads to a better finished product! – but perhaps discussing potential deadlines for steps in the process in advance would help to streamline projects or at least set expectations.


Thank you both for sharing about your struggles within the org. Next we have questions for candidates specifically again!

For Michelle S.: in your Q&A on Board Work, you mentioned finalizng and filling the Paid Staff Transition Officer role. I see this role and the Diversity Consultant Research Officer as vital to the strategic vision of OTW but also difficult to recruit for. What do you think you can do to help push forward the search and recruit processes for these positions?

For Tiffany G: You’ve mentioned in the Q&As and in these chats that you’d be interested in changes to the TOS and our policies — can you expand more on what changes you think might be interesting?

Michelle S

I think making the documentation more visible would help, and potentially reaching out to qualified volunteers directly. There’s a pretty thorough position description for the Diversity Consultant Research Officer on our internal tools, but if you don’t know where to find it, it’s not going to help you decide if that’s a position you can fill. So I think just talking about it more would also help people realize that hey, maybe that’s something they could do.

Tiffany G

Well, I think a lot of external people are very concerned about the fact that some works contain child pornography, pedophilic content, and other illegal content. If possible (this is not entirely possible after I chatted with people from PAC though), I am interested in providing extra help to the PAC team and Legal team to update the ToS and policies on those.


Thank you both for your answers! Next we have a chance for you both to show case your time management skills: The OTW Board can be a very time-demanding task with a lot happening in a short period of time—sometimes planned for and sometimes unplanned for. What tools and/or mechanisms do you have (and/or do you intend to use) to balance these demands with the rest of your commitments?

Tiffany G

My full-time job is a standard 9-5 job and there is once or twice per year when I need to do some extra work over the weekend. Other than that my time has been very flexible. I use an Outlook calendar andTo Do list to keep track of my deadlines… I always work 2+ jobs at the same time so I am pretty good at multitasking.

Michelle S

AO3 Docs has a priority system for the documents in progress, so if I need to step back from a high-priority task to concentrate on Board work, I know a lower priority task can sit for an extra week or two if someone has to take up my task in my stead. If it’s planned busyness, I can take time off work or move around my OTW tasks in advance to make sure I’m available to handle whatever needs my attention.


Thank you both! We have questions specific to our candidates again here:

for Michelle S.: What skills do you think you’ve learned from serving as a committee chair that will carry over to your Board work? Do you have any specific examples of times you demonstrated those skills

And a follow up for Tiffany G.: If you were to work with Legal and PAC to update the Archive’s ToS on content like pedophilia, would you want to disallow those types of works, or are you referring to another type of change or clarification?

Tiffany G

OK this is a follow-up to the last question – people think we host child porn content and such things. This issue is actually closely related to the incident when our service is banned in my home country. It might also be helpful to clarify that to the public. I am not an expert but look forward to discussing it more with respective committees.

Michelle S

One skill I’ve definitely learned is collaborative leadership. Working with my other co-chairs has taught me how to pass tasks around as necessary, and to make sure I know how to do everything we do as chairs even if I don’t do specific chair tasks on a regular basis. I think that will come in handy if I am elected to Board.

Tiffany G

Well, this is really hard to explain in a few sentences. I think it is going to be different for every work. So more clarification will be helpful and enough, given the fact that most people will not have time to read through everything in ToS.


Thank you both! Just to clarify Tiffany, the Archive of Our Own does not host any works that contain materials that are illegal in the United States, such as child pornography. Which leads us to the next two follow-up questions for Tiffany G. : a) You mention wanting to update the TOS to address concerns about content posted to the site. How does that fit into AO3 general principle of “maximum inclusiveness of content”? Which content and why?

  1. b) you proposing that the Terms of Service be updated to restrict additional content that is currently allowed on the Archive?

We also have a question for Michelle S. specifically too in the meantime: The internal wiki posting for Diversity Consultant Research Officer is thorough indeed, but this thoroughness may also make the job seem very daunting. How do you plan on promoting the vacancy for this role and drumming up excitement, without losing emphasis on its serious nature?

Michelle S

I think that’s why it’s also important to talk about it, both generally and to potentially interested volunteers. It’s possible to both explain it more casually while also not downplaying the seriousness of the role, which I think would help get it out to more people.

Tiffany G

  1. a) I support 100% “maximum inclusiveness of content”, yet there is always a boundary to everything. Since OTW is already an influential org, we need to protect our image and hold a better image to the public. I want the public to think of us as an inclusive and socially responsible community. So in general, we have to do something to change. Things like making the rating system more specific and obvious to users will be what I want to do.
  2. b) Not really restricting the content being posted. I hope it is like more warnings and ratings for posting work so people know what to expect. And all of these are not surprising to people who do not wish to see this.


Thank you for your answers! We do have two more related follow ups for Tiffany G. on the topic of content on AO3:

  1. a) please does your definition of content that should be disallowed include all written content depicting sexual content of minors?


  1. b) please clarify how you propose we treat the content we currently have in the archive that should be banned with those proposed TOS changes

Tiffany G

  1. a) That is not what I proposed actually. I would want to be more specific in the rating system and clarifications so people know what to expect.
  2. b) If there are changes, it is going to be some slower work I suspect. Will work with PAC to figure out if changes are necessary.


Thank you for your clarification! Now let’s move on to a question for both candidates:

Many OTW volunteers specifically choose committees and roles that don’t overlap directly with their work experience because they want to learn new skills. What are some skills you think you’ve learned specifically because of your OTW volunteering that would help you on Board?

Michelle S

I chose to volunteer for Docs because I did have the skills for it, though I’ve definitely seen improvement in my technical writing and editing skills since joining. I’ve also gotten very fond of documenting things in general, since I feel like it’s important in an all-volunteer organization. When people can drop out at any time, it’s important to document training and tasks and anything else relevant to the overall running of a committee, so that hopefully no vital information is lost over time or when key people depart. I believe being able to write and update that documentation would be a big asset as far as Board work goes.

Tiffany G

I have learned a lot of things here at OTW. To be specific, I never worked 100% online before so this is something new for me, so the communications, use of Slack, and tools we use… all very cool experience that I think will be useful.


Thank you both for your answers! Our next question is: OTW teams can be a bit afraid of revealing too much about work that isn’t 100% done for various reasons. What’s your experience when it comes to balancing transparency and updating others on ongoing work? What do you think the OTW should do about communicating about projects we’re still brainstorming?

Michelle S

It can be hard to talk about work that isn’t completed yet, since you often can’t be sure that it will be done in time. Sometimes a higher-priority task comes up, or sometimes you find out that you need to do tasks B, C, and D before you can complete A. So publicly declaring that Task A is coming soon, only to not be able to provide it on time, can be a little discouraging. That said, I do think it’s important to talk about upcoming changes in a more general sense, as AO3 did with features such as comment blocking and opting out of gifts. It’s always going to be a balancing act, and I think it just needs to be discussed for each case as it comes up, to best decide what to do.

Tiffany G

Interesting question! I never thought about it before. But I believe it is important to stick with the rest of my teammates and make sure we are on the same page. If everyone decides that we will keep it a secret, I will do the same. If they think we can talk about it, I will do the same. For projects we are brainstorming, I think it is important to communicate with the public so they know about our effort. That depends on the policy though. I will stick with whatever we decide on.


Thank you both! We have a question for Tiffany G. next: You’ve mentioned your newness as a benefit before. What do you think is the benefit of joining Board when still relatively new to volunteering to the OTW? What do you think that you will be able to bring to the table that would set you apart from a more experienced candidate?

Tiffany G

I was thinking that I could provide a more outsider’s point of view. So I guess to bring in some fresh blood and energy. I have some other experience from other places I can bring to the table. To set me apart from a more experienced candidate, there is certainly a lack of experience for me knowing people working on different committees. But I can make an extra effort to get to know people and their duties/hardships.


Thank you for your answer. Now let’s jump onto another question for both candidates: As a Board member, how would you handle communicating the stances of OTW and AO3 in the possible event that you do not personally agree with such perspectives?

Michelle S

For me, that’s just part of being a Board member. It’s important to have consistency in messaging, and if it’s something the Board and the OTW have agreed on, I would communicate it on our behalf no matter what my personal feelings on the matter are.

Tiffany G

I have answered a similar question before from the last chat. But anyway, there is what I can do. I was a member of the debate club so learned a lot to argue about something I do not agree with. I totally understand that we need to stand together as a whole so whatever I have to say, I will do it with no problem.


Thank you both for your answers! Our next question is: What is something that you love about the OTW that you’d like to make flourish during your time on Board?

Tiffany G

I really like Open Doors so that will be something I want to see flourishing. AO3 too. It is something I have always liked and I have learned so much from it. I hope to see a lot of work from different cultures being posted there so we can learn from each other.

Michelle S

One of the things I love is how much room there is for social chatter to exist alongside work chatter internally. I never would have met all the people I’ve come to know over the years without being able to chat in a room devoted to a specific book series, or to a particular video game. It’s definitely helped me develop relationships across committee lines, and I’d love to see that continue and flourish during my time on Board. It’s a great way to learn about the work other committees do, once you make friends with people on a more social level, too.


Thank you both for your answers! Now for the last question of 2022, we’ll end on a slightly lighter note: Tell us about a fandom that you love, and wish that AO3 had more content for.

Tiffany G

My favorite manga as a kid was “The Rose of Versailles”. It gave me a lot of tears and lessons to be learned as a young woman. I view it as a feminist work with historical settings. Will be very cool if we have more content for that one.

Michelle S

Oh, I had a hard time narrowing it down to two fandoms last chat XD Let’s see… I’m a big fan of The Goblin Emperor, so it’s included in my favorite tags on AO3 so that I can check back on it every few weeks to read all the new content. There’s great fanworks there, but I always want more to read, haha.


Thank you both for sharing your treasured fandom with us!

That’s all the questions we have for today! Thank you to our audience for being so supportive and for submitting questions!

Thank you also to our lovely candidates. Thanks to disjointed for modding the open chat. We’ll have the transcript of this room up on the website within a few days. Have a great day, everyone!

Michelle S

Thanks! 👋

Tiffany G


[Note: The following question was asked after the end of the question period, but was answered by the candidate(s) in open_chat]

Audience Member

I’m very curious what Tiffany considers a “better image” that the OTW should present to the public. As in, what part of our image is unsuitable.

Tiffany G

As I have mentioned before, AO3 is no longer accessible in my home country due to some incident related to a piece of pedophilic work that is posted at AO3. This makes users very difficult to read and write with AO3. When I was reading the comments about the incident, a lot of people seemed to have a negative opinion about us. So, I think there is at least something we can do to help build a better image for us in my home country.

342 thoughts to “Chat Transcript – August 1”

  1. Very disappointed in Tiffany here. I would not be surprised if people donate money specifically to be able to vote against her.

      1. Really concerned about some of Tiffany’s comments, especially regarding changing the TOS. What she seems to be proposing goes directly against what AO3 was established to do. I won’t be voting for her.

        1. What alarms me the most is that Tiffany got as far as being a candidate at all here. It indicates some weakness somewhere in the system that a person whose values and agenda are the polar opposite of what Ao3 is managed to get this far.

        2. Will not be voting for Tiffany in any sense of the word. Freedom of speech and tags are what make this site so amazing. Tags are there for people not to read what they don’t want to read. Follow them.

      2. Next time there’s a donation drive, I’ll donate just to be able to vote against pro-censorship candidates.

        1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I thought I could afford to not do it because hey, I’m a broke college student, but fuck it, this shit’s too important to not do it.

          Next time, I’m joining in.

      3. I agree and I really wish I’d donated in time this year. This has been enlightening for me and I now know I need to be more involved in the future. It seems like Tiffany is viewing AO3 through a very specific lens and I am made uncomfortable by some of their interests and concerns. An archive shouldn’t be run like a business, seeking “growth” or palatability. Public image seems to be their main concern and that could become problematic as it shouldn’t be the main priority. You can tell by what they say that they are indeed new to fandom. I encourage people to envision what they realistically want from the Archive and the amazing team running it. Vote thoughtfully! For all of us.

      4. I am very surprised and concerned that a person who wants to censor AO3 content is running for a Board position. It is too late this year, but I am going to donate so that I can vote in future elections.
        Censorship has no place in AO3 – AO3 is meant to be a safe haven for fandoms.

        1. I’m really concerned about the way Tiffany views AO3. Says she’s worried for our “image” but ao3 does not have an image. It’s not a social media. Ao3 is an archive, it’s like a library. It does not have an image and it shouldn’t have.

          And she says she wants to make sure “people know what to expect” but but already have that? We have tagging, filtering and warnings? Does she even know ao3?

          Please, if you want to vote, do not vote for her.

    1. Extraordinary disappointed by Tiffany G’s statement. Her viewpoints seem adirect contradiction to what makes AO3 great and why it was founded. The site is not for the public, the site is for writers, in all of their ugly glory.

      1. I won’t vote Tiffany, I know exactly how censorship in China works, it’s disgusting.

    2. I’m sorry but with all due respect.
      Kick Tiffany OUT!!! Why a person like that is even on the board in the first place???
      Get more strict rules and precautions.

    3. I will be doing exactly this. I’ve wanted to become a member for years, but I’ve not ever gotten around to setting up a recurring donation. That’s changing today because it is clear to me that the founding principles of ao3 are now at risk, and I want to participate in the next election to protect these principles.

      1. I’m nervous about Tiffany G. I wish I donated earlier to be able to vote against her. I came to AO3 because my favorite sites were heavily censored and it forced a lot of writers and fans to leave. If that happens to AO3 I will have to find another site or pray someone creates a new AO3. AO3 has a wonderful tagging capabilities to prevent me from reading things I don’t like or trigger me and what Tiffany is implying is she wants to completely cut out content that doesn’t fit the family friendly narrative. Aka Censoring.

    4. I’m assuming Tiffany’s home country is China considering AO3 only got banned here. Correct me if I’m wrong. As someone who actually belongs to the Chinese fandom, I just want to single out a fact that AO3 DIDN’T get banned here because of pedo work. She is lying.
      The true story in short is that in 2020 a fan from a RPS fandom posted an article with a paro where one of the celebrities in this RPS was a prostitute and the celebrity, Xiao Zhan’s fans were furious about this and reported AO3 massively to the administration with the cause of promoting pornography. Considering the strict policies in China as you know, pornography is not allowed here. Hence the website got banned here. It was not because of the child pornography as Tiffany said and the so-called negative comments about AO3 mainly came from the furious fans who snitched the website to the administration. Ask anyone in China and you’ll know she’s lying.

      1. Cecenanfen is correct. China did not ban AO3 for pedophilia content. Anyone outside China can spend 10 minutes on google to find out the truth (fans inside China are already very familiar with the 227 mass reporting incident by the fans of Xiao Zhan).
        AO3 may have already been on China’s list of sites to be take down (the shadow ban) but the 227 incident tipped the scale.
        So why did Tiffany said what she said? Best case, Tiffany is incredibly ignorant of AO3 history in China, which doesn’t make sense for a person who claims to have been using AO3 for 10 years (the China ban was in 2020). Worse case, Tiffany is spreading outright lies.
        In either cases, this is not a person who is fit to be on the board of OTW.

      2. Exactly. I’m in Shanghai. I was here in the before, during, and after. Tiffany’s wrong.

    5. Don’t vote Tiffany pls. AS I KNOW It won’t work even AO3 banned underage works. AO3 was in fact complained because some events about 「rps works and idols’ competition」, underage works is just one of the report excuses. Don’t want to see more tragedy.

    6. Tiffany, I’m also from China, and I just wanna say that you are intentionally avoiding to bring up the real issue. The reason ao3 was banned has nothing to do with involving pedophilloic contents, but the fact that China is sensitive to all fanfics that relates to LGBTQ+ shippings and all mature and explicit contents. Also mainly because a bunch of fans of a notorious male star reported the website because of the LGBTQ+ contents.
      Reading your words is making me sick. I have all the reasons to believe you can’t bring any positive influence to ao3. And I’m just gonna say it: who the fxck cares about what China think of ao3? I don’t anyway. China is way too sensitive to be taken seriously on regards of content creating. Call me extreme but I’m saying honest words here.

    7. Indeed, she says that she’s been using ao3 for years and yet she thinks that works aren’t properly tagged or rated. I’ve been to a lot of fanfiction sites in my time, and ao3 is by far the superior option always. Tagging in the archive is so easy and it allows for so much, literally no other tagging system even holds a candle to it. I understand concerns about child pornography, but I don’t want people to start censoring the archive, the fact that anyone can publish whatever they want is what makes it wonderful.

    8. I’m so concerned about it that I donated so that I can vote next year. I don’t want anyone like this becoming a part of the board. Their values seem completely incompatible with the OTW mission statement, and I’m honestly baffled how they got this far.

      1. She is literally saying the issue is with other people believing ao3 hosts CP when it does not and advocating for clarifying language in hopes that a better ToS will prevent ao3 from being viewed as a hotbed for illegal shit. THAT is how she got this far. She is literally saying it would be nice to have better phrasing so that when ao3 is under consideration for being banned – as it was in her own damn country – we can point to something specific that delineates the fact that nothing on ao3 is real. You know, the basic premise of this site. She got this far because she is right and you guys all panicked at the first mention of censorship – which she directly and repeatedly refuted.

        1. thank you . jesus christ she could not have been clearer. shes only ever mentioned she wants to improve the rating and trigger warning system, and said explicitly she does not intend on restricting content. you can even disagree with her point of improving the rating system. but that doesnt mean you have to lie about her and assume she wants to destroy ao3 from the inside lol

    9. These comments are exhausting. Ao3 is banned in T’s home country because idiots with power can’t understand that nothing on ao3 is the same as real life abuse. T wants to codify the language so that EXTERNAL PEOPLE can better understand what we do and don’t do here. Everyone saw the word “pedophilia” and freaked the fuck out because of antis and now we’re going to overlook a perfectly decent candidate because y’all can’t read. Seeking to make more explicit what it is that ao3 does and does not do is a worthy goal. My only issue is that T didn’t explain this as well as she could have, but tbh I can’t be sure if that’s entirely her issue or if it lies with everyone else to some degree for ignoring every single instance of her explicitly stating she is not seeking to cull or ban literally anything. I don’t really know how much clearer she could have been that this is about EXTERNAL PEOPLE and authorities – LITERALLY antis – making the site look bad, and wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to be clearer about the fact that NOTHING ON THIS SITE IS REALITY. You know, the stance the site was built on.

      So many of you wondering how she got this far in the interview process since she “clearly” is against ao3, and I hate to tell you but the issue is y’all’s reading comprehension.

      1. Actually. she mentioned specifically wanting to change the TOS which effects all of us. Opening that door – banning specific content etc is directly against what Ao3 stands for.

        For those of us having been through this before on many platforms (tmblr being the most recent) it’s a scary thing when people want to start changing the openness of allowed content.

        Once it starts it snowballs to so much being censored that it’s no longer a viable place to write content for anymore.

  2. It doesn’t sound like Tiffany has ever used AO3. Multiple times she proposes things AO3 already has and never explains what’s confusing about a perfectly comprehensible ratings system.

    1. Tiffany keeps bringing up her “home country” as an example of why AO3 image can be seen as “bad”. I don’t know if there are any other countries that have banned ao3 but the most well-known is China. Considering its own internal conservative laws, how the government treats freedom of speech and human rights when it comes to LGBTQ+ people and so forth, this is *not* a great example. The government could say it is for “child pornography” and yet be for entirely different reasons such as simple pornography. Plus, the stories running around regarding this matter have been different. Would be good to know which is this “home country” Tiffany speaks of to understand.

      1. Tiffany’s answers are alarming as others said and she really seems like she has heard rumors about AO3 instead of actually using it. Her claims are baseless and outright seem callous

      2. Besides why we should cater to a country that hates us queer? Lmao she’s better out

      3. ‘Illegal’ is ambiguous. Not sure which country Tiffany is talking about. AO3 was accessible in China for years until a large group of fans weren’t happy with some fan fictions. They reported AO3 in the name of illegal context to the govt, i.e. pedophile, which leads to the ban of entile AO3 in China. But I’m sure AO3 is not a place of such things.

      4. As a Chinese, I am worried about her words. Because China didn’t actually block ao3 before, there were also many Chinese who used ao3 until someone wrote an RPF and it was found by the fans of the star in this fanfic, they launched a massive attack on the fic and ao3,they reported ao3 on the government website and asked China to block ao3. Then government did, which eventually caused dissatisfaction among other Chinese users and caused a large-scale controversy on the Internet. This incident also made social news in China. Fans of this star are slandering ao3 as a “pedophile site” on the Chinese internet again in an attempt to rationalize their actions, which is in line with Tiffany’s statement and makes me very disturbed

      5. I think I know…considering the incident she mentioned. It has to be China.

      6. “keeps”? she brought it up once. she mentioned people thinking ao3 hosts illegal content is Similar to why it was banned in her home country, thats it. outside of that shes been clear that 1. ao3 does not host illegal content 2. she does not want to restrict what can be posted on the site 3. she wants the rating system to be clearer to reflect this. you can even disagree with the 3rd point but that doesnt mean you have to lie about her very clearly stated intentions

    2. I sort-of agree with Tiffany. While I don’t think we should ban content depicting pedophilia, stronger warnings might be more suitable, instead of a simple “Underage” tag, there should also be one for age gaps and incest.

      Also, I feel like we should disallow NSFW content of real-life minors, but fictional ones are fine with the Underage tag behind them.

      1. There is literally a tagging system in place for this already. Which Tiffany, as tag wrangler, should be familiar with.

        “Age gaps” is not an inherently Bad or Problematic element in fiction, and it’s EXACTLY this kind of false morality flagging that makes Tiffany’s candidacy so worrying. What qualifies as Problematic Content? Who decides that? At what point are we just censoring anything we don’t personally like?

        If you don’t like that type of fiction, it is very easy to avoid, by using AO3’s already very robust and extremely useful tools. That’s the point everyone else is making in these comments; the tools Tiffany is talking about already exist.

        1. As much as certain content may make me personally uncomfortable I don’t think we should restrict it because it’s not up to mine or anyone else’s personal tastes to dictate that. All of the fics that have made me uncomfortable were all fit with the proper tags and warnings that I just skimmed over, as long as the author properly tags it I don’t really care because it doesn’t effect me. I wish I would have donated last time so I could vote but I sincerely hope Tiffany does not get elected because I fear that it’ll just be a repeat of previous platforms going downhill because of censorship

      2. Ah but that’s the thing– there ARE tags like that and they are used heavily. I’ve been able to curate my experience just fine with the tools we have at hand. Increasing the ‘seriousness’ and making the warnings stronger seems very redundant and largely performative. If we’re already tagging thoroughly and effectively then why do we need to virtue signal by adding more redundancy and seriousness? Also hard disagree that age gaps are problematic– do we need to go down the rabbit hole of the 200 y/o vampire dating a 50 year old human? I think seeking clarity in the normal tags is more than enough. Let the authors tag as needed rather than making it a federal mandated issue.

        Finally: NSFW content of real life minors IS banned. It’s called child pornography and it’s illegal and disallowed on the site. Anything else with fictional characters, under aged or not, child likenesses or not, is all barbie dolls and no real life children are harmed.

        Respectfully disagree on these fronts, my tarnished in grace.

        1. while i agree with your statements, i have most DEFINITELY seen NSFW works containing real life minors on the website. unsure of the legality behind something being written rather than being recorded or photographed though

          1. As someone who wrote a partly autobiographical story (without including last names) about my sexual experiences as a minor and therefore also described my real life minor sexual partners (who were my age), I’m wondering how a rule to forbid nsfw fiction of real life minors would impact this work… I think writing nsfw fanfiction of teen celebrities is disturbing and I’ll avoid it at all costs (Which I can do thanks to the tags) but if the rule is “no nsfw about real life minors” or “no nsfw about real life minors without their consent” then does my story apply to it? Rules are blunt instruments

        2. actually, there is NSFW content of real life minors allowed on ao3; there’s lots of explicit sexual content written about underage minecraft youtubers on the site.
          i agree with everything else you said, though

          1. All sexual depictions of real minors is illegal in the U.S, AO3’s TOS DOES NOT ALLOW sexual works featuring real minors.

            AO3 doesn’t screen the content of a work before you post it, it removes works that break the TOS through reports by the users. All readers need to take responsibility and report fanfics that are breaking AO3s TOS.
            You can’t expect a volunteer site to flag and remove posts by itself the same way big companies do (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), especially when even those are struggling.

            Implying that AO3 allows CSEM of any kind is dangerous. Protect the site your using and learn about its functioning please.

        3. Nsfw content of real minors isn’t banned, it’s “images of real children” in pornographic situations,or link to those kinds of images, that are banned.

          Source: “Content may not be uploaded to OTW’s servers if it contains or links to child pornography (images of real children)”

          You can still write a nsfw story about yourself as a minor (which is technically nsfw content about a real life minor)

        4. That’s wrong though, NSFW content of real life minors is allowed because it is fictional writing, so it doesn’t fall under CP and like you said, real life minors are not harmed because it’s fictional writing.

          You can find tons of works featuring artists who are minor in this site. To say that it’s not allowed it’s false. What is not allowed is real CP/CSEM, which fictional works does not fall under that.

      3. Except we DO have tags for age gaps and incest that authors can and should use. They just aren’t one of the main bolded warnings. Also, I don’t know if you’ve just marked it to automatically allow NSFW and forgot about it, but minors are the whole reason we have an extra page with a warning when a fic contains adult content (rated M or E). The tags and ratings and warnings are there because it is not the archive’s job to babysit everyone’s reading experience. It’s an ARCHIVE. It accepts ALL fanworks, problematic or not, because many sites before this one decided to sanitize and purge anything not strictly cishet and rated G.

      4. Incest, sure, why not, but why on earth would we need a content warning for age gap between adults??

      5. Just FYI that there are tags for age gap and incest – the current AO3 tagging system allows for extremely specific content warnings even within those categories.

      6. There ARE tags for Underage, Incest, and various other content that people might find objectionable. Those things already exist. They are also self-explanatory. When you say, “Stronger warnings” are needed, what exactly does that mean? If the concept itself is triggering, adding more specific details doesn’t help and arguably hurts when, again, “Underage”, “incest”, “age gap” are perfectly clear and enough on their own to warn someone away from a story if they don’t want to read things that contain those elements.

      7. NSFW of real minors would count as child pornography – which is already against the rules of the TOS!

      8. more detail like age gaps and incest are what the tagging system is for. the archive warnings are an intentionally curated list so that they’re easy to navigate

      9. But the thing is, age gap and incest tags *do* exist. You can literally search it up in AO3 and I promise you that you will find works with those tags. I’m sure that (most) people are aware of the basic etiquette of tagging works properly and appropriately, so as to make sure that people who don’t want to view those specific works get filtered out.

        I do agree with you about the disallowing of NSFW content of IRL minors, but the people will write what they want…

      10. you can literally put any tag you want on a fic. there is no restriction. You can have an age gap one and incest one already. as many iterations as you want. Once you start disallowing one thing, it’s a slippery slope. THAT’S WHAT TAGS ARE FOR.

      11. Fictional content of real-life minors is legal under US law – this is a fact. “Legal under US law” is specifically the line Ao3 draws so that they dont start censoring content based on morals, because that is a slippery slope.

        There could be use in adding an archive warning for Incest, but Tiffany made no mention of that at all, or any specifics about how she wants more specific tags.

      12. From Tiffany’s answers, what I can only see is AO3 will have more limitations in terms of content. I don’t see even a brief plan for the change of the content and warnings. Tiffany just said that would be discussed with the respective committee. It means Tiffany doesn’t know what to do and how to do but keeping useless discussions. The whole plan and logic are really unclear.

        If Tiffany’s home country is China, the real reason of banning ao3 is the China Mainland network restriction policy, instead of contents in ao3. China mainland bans google, Facebook, Twitter, pixiv, line, all LGBT and NSFW… etc. contents. I would say Tiffany did mislead people in this point.

      13. What about content of a real life adult, depicted as a minor? Since that would still be fictional.

        1. That’s me, I’m an adult and wrote a story about some of my weird sexual experiences as a minor (teen) with my partners who of course were my age so also minors at the time, and very much real people… So technically I wrote nsfw about us, real life minors, and what about it? It’s life. Teenagers have sex. I don’t like Tiffany ‘s moral panic approach

      14. “Hi this is my not real OC Shirla Timple (do not confuse with some kis actress, tottally different)…”
        You see the problem with trying cencorship yet?

      15. The tag for incest already exist and is, actually, one of the most used, because we’re all depraved here lol. Don’t know about the age gap but tags evolve with the users who write content, so I’m pretty confident in saying that if that sensibility already exists, it has a tag.
        Hard disagree with your censorship stance on nsfw content. Ao3 isn’t that kind of space, if you want sanitized content there are other online spaces you can peruse. All NSFW content on ao3 comes with a warning, it’s up to the user to curate their own experience.

      16. No. We don’t need to add more mandatory warnings. Also fictional underage isn’t “pedophilia.” Take your anti bullshit and shove it.

      17. But it does exist already! If people took a few minutes of their time to see how the tags work, a good part of this conversation could have been avoided.

      18. It is not the purpose of an archive to judge its contents: only to hold them.

        Tiffany G completely misunderstands AO3 and its purpose simply by bringing questions of morality into the equation. AO3 isn’t a social medium, nor a website with social media-like functions. There is no “reputation” or “image” to protect. The archive is just that- an archive of works, regardless of content matter. Consulting works that are safe and enjoyable is an individual responsibility. The responsibility that writers have is to warn readers of the contents of their work, which they can do via the incredibly robust tagging and inclusion/exclusion system AO3 has, and that Tiffany G has apparently never even heard of (and yes, “incest”, “age gap” and similar tags already all exist. I don’t know how you want to invent something that’s already right there).

        Censorship of one thing will open doors to censorship of many other things, and that was never the purpose of the archive. Tiffany G fundamentally misunderstands the role that AO3 occupies as a fandom space, and I can never ever agree with her on anything because she’s just proven to the world that she doesn’t even have a basic understanding of the platform she’s trying to police.

        Keep real-life morality out of fiction. It’s all just fiction y’all.

      19. There is nothing good that would come out of banning NSFW content for real-life minors. No matter how problematic you may believe that is, banning the content won’t do anything.
        First, it’s FICTION. It’s not real.
        Second, would you rather have those works improperly tagged? Because that’s what enacting a ban like that is going to do. It’s not going to stop the content, it’s just going to make it impossible to avoid.

        I really don’t understand the point of view that fictional characters are fine but real ones are not. Let’s take a movie actor. You’d be ok with NSFW works with the character they play, but if you simply change their name, now it’s suddenly something that should be banned?
        What about someone’s OC that just happens to share the same name as an IRL minor? Now we need to check every name we want to use in our OC’s against a list of IRL people? That’s insane.

        ANY censorship on the platform is basically the beginning of the end, and I will never vote for a candidate that attempts to propose such a thing. AO3 is an archive, and should not be allowed to dictate what type of content can be posted.

        As for stronger warnings, I’m really curious what you mean by that. There’s already a very obvious “Underage” warning that you can filter out.
        Adding more warnings has been talked about before, and I won’t say that I’m opposed to it if there is a good enough reason. The question again is, where do you draw the line? The current warnings of Underage, Rape, and Graphic Violence seem to cover everything pretty well. Maybe adding an Incest warning is a good idea, but that’s still (IMO) a much less triggering topic than the other three warnings that exist. The problem with adding more warnings is that it’s entirely a matter of opinion on what is problematic and what is not. That is why the tagging system is in place. If you don’t like incest, filter it out. Problem solved.

      20. So uh. Dunno if you don’t know this already, but that’s what Additional Tags are for. Plenty of people put those in the additonal tags area, same as they would Alternate Universe – Canon divergent or other similar tags. So the tagging system works just fine. A lot of people (seemingly yourself included) just don’t know how to use it properly in order to fully filter out what you don’t want.

      21. Evangelicals in Florida thought books involving critical thought about gender assigned at birth was inappropriate for children. So they banned them in schools. They banned content that suggested anyone could be gay or trans or nonbinary or queer, even if sexual relations weren’t depicted or even considered in the works, because they said it was all sexual and would harm kids. What gave them the right to decide what was moral and what wasn’t?

        What gives you the right?

      22. It would not ruin my day if required tags for incest and age gap were implemented, but there would have to be discussion about what counts as incest (Is it incest if he’s an AU version of his brother?) and what degree of age gaps need the tag, so it could get complicated. So I can see your point, but unfortunately Tiffany didn’t state any details of what she wants to do, and instead uses the same language as anti-ship crusaders who declare every ship they don’t like to be “pedophilia”. So she doesn’t seem very trustworthy.

  3. Some of the things Tiffany has mentioned are concerning to say the least as a few others have mentioned. She clearly hasn’t used Ao3 enough to be familiar with it, such as the ratings system. She is not someone I want on the board.

    1. I’m am very concerned about Tiffany’s ideas concerning AO3 it seems like she’s in favor of the kind of censorship that AO3 was specifically built to be against and overall does not seem to in line with Ao3lOTWs ideals, I do not think she is a fit candidate for this position. AO3 rating and tagging system is some of the most comprehensive Ive ever experienced and it is extremely easy to find content any one person would enjoy or filter any content they want to avoid, and any attempts at introducing censorship are anathema to what AO3 is.

    2. I hope everyone realizes that this platform belongs to the creators, not to be used for ideological struggle.

  4. The rating system on AO3 is already extremely specific – E is for Explicit. It has an age wall already in place. There are Archive Warnings. There is an amazing tagging system. Can someone please show Tiffany how simple it is to find these things???? Because this sounds like the beginning of a dangerous slope. Also inform Tiffany of what happened on FF.Net too please. And Tumblr…

    1. I’m very concerned by some of the things Tiffany said. Of course there is always room for improvement, but I really think the rating and warning system on AO3 is specific and comprehenive enough as it is.

      1. Tiffany G makes it out like properly tagging and marking works is difficult when it’s so straight forward. And it takes 2 second of searching on Google to figure out what a term means, but what she wants already exists.

        She talks about the prevalence of illegal work like cp, to change tos regarding that, and how ao3 is banned in her home country because of that, which tells us she wants to disallow that content but then says she isn’t proposing to disallow that content, which goes against what she said before, at least in my interpretation.

        I dont know if she understands why people like ao3. The tagging system is pretty straight forward and easy to understand. We can already filter out what we don’t want to read. She never explained what she wanted to change about the system, I don’t see what needs to be changed in the system when it comes to marking works with questionable content. The site already has a system in place that explains what each rating means. We have archive warning tags, which include one that warns people about underage characters when it comes to cp and the like. I don’t understand what she wants to change in the system if she isn’t out to disallow content as she had said. And it just sounds like she doesn’t know how ao3 works, in the sense of rating system. I wish I knew whether she had actually posted work on ao3 because it doesn’t seem she has considering she thinks our rating and tagging system isn’t enough.

        I, as a reader, know what to expect in the work I read with what already exists. The only time I get surprised is someone not properly marking their work properly, which isn’t something ao3 can fix.

        As a writer, I know how to properly tag and knew that the little ? explains to me anything I may not understand, like what is considered Mature vs what is considered Explicit. Ao3 has the best tagging system compared to other sites I’ve been on and doesn’t need to change a thing.

        I think she needs to learn a bit more about ao3 and how it’s tagging and rating system works before proposing changes because I don’t personally think she understands how it works currently.

        1. she does not talk about the prevalence of illegal works. she talks about how people THINK theres a prevalence of illegal works (she even clarifies that according to the legal team, that isnt true!). and she does not intend to change the tos to pander to her home country, she actually brings up people mistakenly believing ao3 hosts illegal works is SIMILAR to the reasons ao3 is banned in her home country (again, she does NOT suggest to restrict what works can be posted to pander to this ban). you can disagree with her for any reason but at least read the interview properly and disagree with her for the things she actually says and not things you misunderstood

    2. it’s a dangerous slope and what I gathered from her answers is that she intends to propose changes in censoring so that it becomes more “accesible” worldwide?? also about ao3’s public image? big no.

    3. I agree with Kaycee and the rest here. Tiffany and people like Tiffany are what threaten the freedom of expression through fiction, which is the core of AO3 and related domains. Tiffany does not inspire trust and understanding but rather the kind of mistrust and suspicion that divides and wrecks a community. She is not someone I want on the board either and I hope she genuinely reevaluates her perspective.

    4. It is DISGRACEFUL that OTW has allowed Tiffany G. to run for the Board. Tiffany who opposes everything the OTW was created to protect. Censorship & moral panic are NOT welcome in fandom. I will be casting my vote for literally any candidate besides Tiffany G.

      I have donated to the OTW for years. I actually donated over $100 this past fiscal year. I may have reconsider if this kind of thing continues.

      OTW- do better. How does allowing this pro-censorship candidate to run further your legally defined mission as a nonprofit? Why should we support OTW if you’re allowing people to openly run on a platform of violating your founding and legally binding tenets??????????

      I am beyond disappointed.

      1. I agree that Tiffany G seems like a poor choice, but would you really rather the existing organisation effectively rig its own elections? Can you imagine the scandal if people were excluded from running on that kind of basis? Much more important to use your vote to shape the OTW the way you think is right.

        1. It’s their board. They get to decide what makes someone eligible or ineligible for membership. She holds positions that should make her ineligible to ever be a candidate. Don’t mistake a board election for an election to public office.

  5. Man, I wish I had the money to donate last time so I could vote because Tiffany is saying some really concerning things. Like, everything she mentions is something already in place by the archive. :\

  6. I’m sorry, WHAT? Child pornography?? Comparing a work of fiction that is entirely avoidable and up to the user to view to CP is disgusting. Not only is it a slap in the face to actual victims, but it is LITERALLY NOT ILLEGAL to write that sort of fiction. It is fictional for a reason. My mind is blown.

    Those in charge of ACTUAL CP moderation have requested people stop reporting things that are works of fiction, and it is quite literally protected beneath the law. If no actual children are harmed, it is not prosecutable. Absolutely disgusted that someone like this is trying to infiltrate. If you disagree, you are perfectly within your rights to not read it. That’s what tag utilization is for. A lot of people I know write that sort of thing as a way to vent their own traumas, and it’s repulsive that this person is trying to take away the right to write fiction on a site designated for that very purpose.

    1. What in the world is Tiffany talking about? Pedophilia and CP? The content written on AO3 is to the same degree as actual published writing found in any library and bookstore around the world. There isn’t anything illegal by U.S. standards on this site, which is the country this site is hosted in and is bound to follow the laws of to my understanding.

      I think it’s alarming that Tiffany is bringing up these topics as if the archive is full of these works, when you often have to actively search for them with the way the tagging system works. Our tagging system, rating system, etc. are all set up to filter things out that people aren’t looking for when you use it.

      Frankly, this just sounds like alarm bells for imposing censorship over the site based on personal preference.

      1. Right?? It’s incredibly stupid. I’m still in shock every time I come back and read this. I will definitely be leaving the site if someone as ignorant as this is elected. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I think this shit is ridiculous.

  7. “I have clearly never used AO3 before, please elect me to the board!” What a joke. I cannot imagine the audacity of trying to take charge in a community you apparently don’t even participate in or have never even glanced at, from the sounds of it, if you don’t realize content warnings, tags, and ratings are what make AO3 the treasure it is.

    1. Highly concerning that someone running for the board would want to enact the censorship laws of their home country and impose those standards on a site where those things are legal. Even more concerning is Tiffany referring to fictional content as “child pornography” repeatedly after being called on it.

      3x concerning is that Tiffany thinks AO3’s public image is more important than AO3’s mission as a fandom archive that won’t arbitrarily purge content it deems “inappropriate”.

      This is not an area where a self-described “fandom outsider” has valuable input, especially given that AO3 was created by fans for fans.

      1. I could not agree more. With all of these things. There are other sites that do not have AO3’s mission or values, which do periodically while content they deem inappropriate. I do not understand the desire to police this space for the comfort of users who HAVE those spaces already. AO3 is not a publicly traded company, it does not have investors (for this very reason!). I am not concerned with its image.

      2. Will this change mean China will lift the ban on ao3?Obviously not.Tiffany’s description of what happened in the past is confusing and completely upside down

      3. Tiffany G is bringing a very clear crash between east and west attitudes in matters like censorship in content, and the idea of a clean “public image”. Which sounds terrifying like a real world political matter. With a very, very self centered focus in what happened in her own country. I might be wrong but, instead of coming to change an international and USA law bound site to adhere to your own country’s moralities instead of actually making a change or questioning your own country’s is a bad move for everyone…

        I understand that we hold the laws of the country of origin, and that many legal aspects of how the board takes its dessicions are bound by this. But I think it’s very straightforwards in how fictional underage and real child pornography is defined, that we can agree is totally forbidden in most countries by law and by the archive already. It’s sounds like witch hunt to me.

    2. My question is, how was she allowed to run for the board if she has so little experience with AO3. I feel like the OTW should have more precautions in place for events like these

  8. I appreciate that Tiffany has good intentions, but it doesn’t seem like she has much of an understanding of the complexity of issues surrounding content censorship and tagging, or how fraught the use of the term “pedophilia” has become when describing fiction.

    I also don’t know which country she’s referring to specifically as having made AO3 inaccessible, but I doubt there is any way that more detailed tagging systems or a better public image will ever sanitise AO3 enough to satisfy, say, China’s draconian censorship of queer and sexual content.

    1. Tiffany does not have good intentions. Censorship is never good intent.

  9. It worries me that Tiffany G persistently speaks of ‘pedophilic’ work / content despite the clarification from Sveritas.

  10. Tiffany, are you saying that those of us who live in countries where there is freedom of expression should have to give that up so that countries who instead enjoy censoring content can have access? That makes a no from me on Tiffany. Censorship is not the answer.

    AO3 has one of the best tagging and rating systems.

    She should just say she wants the censorship she has in her home country on AO3.

    1. Genuinely concerned someone like Tiffany is not only running for a position but also a volunteer. Things she is saying are distinctly against the AO3 TOCs and also the reason why its the only archive online right now. There are systems in place, OTW is doing incredible work. But this is absolutely a red flaf. If she’s concerned about public issues, then I hope she’s tackling actual published works that people pay for that dont have any tags or warnings. Everything she is saying is nonsensical. I dont agree with or want her to be a part of this community, she has no idea how it works, all of her answers are incredibly vague, her skills are nonevident and her POV is not in line with what we need to protect this global archive.

      This person should be removed from running especially given her new-ness and naivety, not to mention she doesnt understand the spirit of what AO3 is and is painting it in a bad light that needs to be “fixed”

  11. Seconding the concerns others have noted here in the replies about Tiffany’s answers. The rating and tagging system is already extremely thorough and I find her interest in altering the ToS, which serves to protect creators, very troubling.

  12. I will not be able to continue to financially support the OTW if they elect a board member who equates fiction to the horrific harm perpetuated against real, living individuals. I love, respect, and appreciate the vital work the OTW does, but I cannot and will not help fund an organization that operates at the pleasure of someone who disparages and demeans the experiences of survivors of CSEM in this way. The gravity of my experiences as a victim of CSEM outweighs everything Tiffany has said here.
    Hoping to see elections results which don’t lead to me departing from the OTW. Wishing all the best.

  13. I would also be interested in the SPECIFICS of how Tiffany wants clearer warnings to “build a better image”, since the Underage tag already exists and is a compulsory warning. Overall, this language about better image is disappointing and seems to be siding with the people who can’t separate fictional content from harm to real children. Underage fictional content is not CSEM, and “child porn” is not the correct term anyway.

    “I support 100% “maximum inclusiveness of content”, yet there is always a boundary to everything.” So, in other words, you do NOT support maximum inclusiveness. The “boundary” is US law. It is sad that other countries have different laws and some content on Ao3 might be illegal there, but we’re not going to ban M/M porn because being gay is illegal in some countries either.

    1. Honestly, Tiffany sounds very inexperienced to me based on this interview – someone who doesn’t really know how the archive or even fandom works. Which is not a shame – everyone starts somewhere -, but probably not qualified to be a Board member.

  14. I will certainly not be voting for Tiffany after this concerning transcript. I have very serious doubts as to her knowledge and motivations behind apparently being new to fandom and immediately trying to change TOS and whatever ‘image’ might potentially exist.

    1. Sadly, as a new member, I was not able to vote. I am very concerned by Tiffany’s comments and hope the board sees these comments as another form of our collective voice. She clearly does not understand Ao3 or fandom and wishes to censor work. This goes against the vision and purpose of this platform.

  15. Um. Really perplexed at Tiffany’s answers. A fandom newbie with no real awareness of how Ao3 works, else they wouldn’t go on about clarifying something that’s specific already – namely the rating system.

    For me it’s a no, sorry.

  16. AO3 already has a great tagging system and warnings for the content that Tiffany mentions. So the solution she’s hinting at is censorship of “harmful/explicit” works? This is the antithesis of AO3’s mission. There can be no inclusion with censorship.

  17. Tiffany is sending up a lot of red flags for me. There is no such thing as “illegal” fiction. Let me repeat and rephrase: there is no “illegal” content on AO3. What happens when we start marking fiction as illegal? As a fandom “newbie,” I’m guessing she’s never heard of the livejournal purge and thus one of the main reasons the Archive even exists. The tagging system on AO3 is wonderful, letting you exclude all types of extremely specific tags from your search queries. Please do not vote for this person.

  18. Tiffany is raising lots of red flags. The archive already has a lot of the features discussed and some of her ideas would be redundant and unnecessary within the frameworks we already have. Sure it can always be improved but those ideas don’t feel like steps forward.

    Frankly, working on our ‘image’ when we’re doing nothing wrong also concerns me. There’s no winning with the types of puritans that give AO3 a bad rap. Nothing short of chaste, kid friendly neutering of adult fandom space will ever satisfy them. As for being banned in China, that wasn’t something that happened because of any wrongdoing or anything within AO3’s control. There are ways to address AO3 being banned, and none of the ways she is proposing gives me confidence that she would handle it the appropriate way. My money is betting that she’ll try to censor or condemn content, taking us down a path we’ve been down too many times before. I’m sick of the purity hounds chasing adults and LGBTQA+ folks out of their spaces and this all smacks of it. I don’t want this sort of talk anywhere near the last bastion of truly free fanworks.

    I don’t want Tiffany on the board based off of her answers, and I deeply regret that I didn’t register to vote despite donating for years. She gives me very big wolf in sheep’s clothing vibes and I hope those eligible to vote kick her to the curb. Tiffany, apologies for the harshness but… if you truly are new here but are trying to get on the board with such inaccurate charged ideas then… well, I don’t know what to say. If you don’t actually go here, ma’am, and you are so fixated on the pedophilia myth pushed by antis then your time would be better spent learning our history and being part of the community before trying to be on the board.

    Also for the record since I’m here: “The OTW represents a practice of transformative fanwork historically rooted in a primarily female culture.” Female culture? Just want to draw everyone’s attention to this and get people talking about this concerning little tidbit and get some clarification.

  19. Frankly I think Tiffany’s answers demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of AO3 and therefore unsuitability for this position. She should be removed from consideration and the voting pool.

  20. I’m not entirely sure how Tiffany would be a help since most of their suggestions indicates:
    a.- They’re not familiar with how an archive works
    b.- They do not understand how ratings and tags works.
    c.- They cannot explain themselves clearly.
    d.- Working in PAC and legal matters isn’t enough to be in a board of this type.
    e.- (And the most concerning for me)The few opinions they let out show they prefer to make the archive famly friendly instead of, well, an archive. The type of censor they propose, wanting to “better the image” of the page and the lack of understanding on how a fiction archive works is, at least, concerning.

    I do not want them on the board.

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