Tish S.’s 2024 Q&A: Group 1

[Note: There will be 2 Q&A posts total, covering all the topics brought up during the user-submitted Q&A period. Candidates were limited to 300 words per answer.]

Some candidates mentioned internationalisation in their platforms. Where do you see the OTW at in this regard, in particular when it comes to current challenges and roadblocks?

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Tish S.’s Bio and Platform


Tish S. (she/her) started reading fanfiction in the late 90s when many authors had their own webpages or posted on newsgroups for specific fandoms, making it much more difficult to discover new fandoms. Discovering AO3 in late 2010 changed her reading habits and expanded the number of fandoms she followed beyond the original two. She has worked in IT and for software companies in various capacities, ranging from technical support, account and project management, to training, knowledge base administration, and other system administration roles. In 2013, she decided to volunteer as a tester to give back to the community and gain additional experience for a potential career change. Although that experience was ultimately not needed, she has continued to enjoy volunteering for OTW, joining Open Doors as an Import Assistant and later becoming a Mentor.
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