Noémie B’s Bio & Platform


Noémie B discovered the joys of sharing transformative works through My Little Pony fanart in primary school. She has since then spent a ridiculous amount of time in book fandoms, Real Person Fiction, anime fandoms, and is now a casual K-pop fan. While not being a very active participant in fandom, she was (and still is) very interested in fan studies and fan projects, and decided to join the Organization for Transformative Works as a way to give back to fan communities at large.

She has been a Tag Wrangler since 2015 and a supervisor since 2018, and got to work in collaboration with the Open Doors and Support committees. Her experience volunteering for the OTW has helped her grow and allowed her not only to improve her English skills but also her ability to work in teams and occasionally to mentor others.

Outside of fandom, she works as a speech therapist (and unofficially as her own secretary and accountant). She loves words and languages and wants to help others experience the beauty of creating, reading, and sharing stories. She firmly believes in the OTW’s missions and values.
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