Heather M’s Bio & Platform


Heather M (she/her) can still remember the first fanfic she ever read (and recommends it to everyone at the slightest opportunity). She has been volunteering as a graphics designer for Fanlore since August, 2019. She has also spent time on the AO3 Documentation Committee (Docs) and on the Policy & Abuse Committee (PAC). Heather is a former teacher and current training and curriculum developer, and she loves helping people better understand how to use AO3. In her day job, Heather tackles highly technical concepts. She works with experts to figure out the best way to share information with the people who need to understand it. The photoshop skills she developed in fandom regularly come in handy on the job. So does the knowledge of HTML and CSS she gained through creating personal fan websites and custom AO3 skins. As for which fandoms Heather loves most, the answer is simple: fandom itself.

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