Milena Popova’s Bio & Platform


Milena Popova has had an on-again/off-again relationship with fandom for well over two decades (don’t do the maths!). After fanfic thoroughly ruined their ability to enjoy mainstream popular culture beyond the “price of entry” into fandom, Milena decided to make a career of this and is currently completing their PhD research into representations of sexual consent in fanfiction. In a past life they were a technology/project manager at a large multinational, and they also have a large amount of past and current volunteering experience up to and including serving on the boards of two UK non-profits. Within the OTW, they have been a tag wrangling volunteer for two and half years, and more recently a Comms staffer on the Fanhackers project. Milena is thoroughly owned by a cat named Chili (also known as Cultural Theorist Cat), with whom they live in the south-west England.

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