Candidate manifestos and chat dates

We have now scheduled three one-hour chats with our new Board members, Andrea Horbinski, Eylul Dogruel and Franzeska Dickson. The meetings are open to all of our members and to the public. They will be held in the OTW public chatroom, accessible at this link:

While we would like to vary the times and days to allow better global accessibility for our membership, combining schedules in order to allow all candidates to attend posed a challenge. Transcripts of the candidate chat will be made available on the elections website shortly following the event, and both members and candidates are encouraged to comment on them. Each chat will be with two of the new Board members, which is actually more realistic for board meetings anyway, now that we’re spread more equally around the world.

The date and times of the chats are:

Sat 29th Sept 1800 UTC Franzi & Eylul (What time is that where I live?)
Wed 3rd Oct 0500 UTC Franzi & Andrea (What time is that where I live?)
Sat 6th Oct 1500 UTC Andrea & Eylul (What time is that where I live?)

The candidates’ personal bios and manifestos will soon be available on the OTW Elections website. You may also feel free to contact our candidates unofficially to discuss the OTW and their views.

Given that we won’t be holding an election, our new board members will begin their overlap period early. They’ll be attending the open session of board meetings, discussing issues, and handing over their other staff responsibilities to their successors. They will take formal office and become full voting members on 1st November, so for a short time we will have 10 board members, until Jenny’s term ends on 1st December.

There will be another election next year, when three board members’ terms expire (Francesca, Kristen and Ira). Any member of the OTW who has also been an OTW staff member on a committee for a year will be eligible to stand – see the elections site for more details on our policies and the reasons behind them.

All other information for 2012 or any past election activity can also be found on the OTW Election website.