Candidate Chat Follow-Up Questions and Chat Digest

As promised in yesterday’s Board candidate chat and here in our Elections news post, we are now sharing the responses to the remaining questions. These are follow-up and free-standing questions posed during the chat that candidates were unable to address due to time restrictions. The questions were pulled from the chat transcript and sent to the candidates as a group; candidates were asked to respond within 24 hours. The emphasis in these responses is on immediate answers rather than polished essays, and candidates were also asked to keep to the question topics. All of our candidates are welcome to expand upon their views in the next chat!

You can read those questions and answers here, on the OTW Elections website. Answers are listed in the order they were received, and any responses that are received after the deadline will be added to that page as soon as possible, with any post-publication changes noted.

We’re also happy to announce that thanks to the hard work of a volunteer, we have also added a digest version of the chat transcript to the Elections site. The text is heavily edited, with missing text expanded, and includes only the questions and answers. View the concise transcript here.

Please consider attending our second chat, or submit a question for the candidates! Questions can be submitted via our elections webform, and the chat will be held 26 October 2011 from 8pm to 9pm UTC (What time is that where I live?) in the OTW public chatroom, accessible at this link: