Board Candidate Chat Two Follow-Up Questions: Fourth Set

We’ve got our fourth batch of questions and answers from our candidates ready for your perusal! You can read those questions and answers here, on the OTW Elections website. Answers are listed in the order they were received, and any responses received after the deadline will be added to that page as soon as possible, with any post-publication changes noted. Emphasis in these responses is on immediate answers rather than polished essays — just as in the chats.

At this point, we have five questions left! Three of them are currently with the candidates, and you can expect them around 24 hours from now — they were sent to candidates at 16:00/4:00pm UTC 1 November 2011, meaning they are due before 16:00/4:00pm UTC 2 November 2011.

We’d also like to remind all of our voters that tomorrow, 2 November 2011, is the deadline to assign a voting proxy (see our Elections timeline here). We know that the extended, electronic ballots that we use should make proxy voting unnecessary in most cases, but a voter might decide they need a proxy if the 48-hour voting period falls during a time when they may not have internet access, or when they have other commitments.

To assign a proxy, send an email from the account you used when you last donated, addressed to both [email protected] and your proxy. State in the email that you wish to assign your proxy to the recipient, and include your legal name. Your proxy must reply to you and to [email protected] to accept the responsibility, and to give us their legal name. Proxies remain in place for six months and cannot be revoked, so they aren’t a back-up plan! Our elections website has a FAQ section on proxy voting with more details, if you think this may apply to you.