Board Candidate Chat Two Follow-Up Questions: Fifth Set & Proxy Reminder

Our trek is nearly over! We now present the fifth and penultimate batch of questions and answers from our candidates. You can read those questions and answers here, on the OTW Elections website. Answers are listed in the order they were received, and any responses received after the deadline will be added to that page as soon as possible, with any post-publication changes noted. Emphasis in these responses is on immediate answers rather than polished essays — just as in the chats.

There are only two questions left! We’ll be sharing those around 24 hours from now — they were sent to candidates at 16:05/4:05pm UTC 2 November 2011, meaning they are due before 16:05/4:05pm UTC 3 November 2011; as this is the last batch, we’ve extended the period for timestamped edits to responses from 12 to 24 hours past the due date.

One final reminder! Today is the deadline to appoint a proxy for your vote.