Kirsten Wright 2019 Q&A: Group 3

If you as a Board member could change one committee policy/procedure, what would it be?

I think committee policies and procedures should be left up to the committees. Instead, I would be happy to work with each committee, and help them to evaluate what they are currently doing. In my view, the board should act as more of a guiding hand rather than a blunt hammer. I believe that committees know best how to operate while the board ensures efficiency and best practices.
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Kirsten Wright 2019 Q&A: Group 1

What is your strategy to raise awareness of OTW’s projects, aims and goals in future?

I’d like to see the OTW have more of a presence overall in fandom. Right now, a lot of people know about AO3, and that’s great! But not as many are able to connect AO3 to OTW, and fewer still are aware that we have other projects.

I think Comms is doing a great job with this right now! We’ve upped our engagement across our social media platforms, and we are also looking into expanding to new platforms as they become more popular.

In the past, we’ve been a mostly reactive committee, answering questions when press comes to us, and pitching potential stories to outlets. We’re recently begun exploring pitching already fully written pieces, and I think this will be great for us. Writing our own articles in house will mean talking about things that might get overlooked and bringing in mainstream awareness to what we’ve got going on.

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Kirsten Wright’s Bio & Platform


Kirsten Wright: A member of the OTW Communications team, Kirsten first joined in 2014 at the recommendation of a former professor. She currently moderates the OTW Facebook page, as well as the LiveJournal and Dreamwidth accounts. She previously moderated the OTW Twitter account, and both the Fanlore Twitter and Tumblr accounts. Kirsten first found organized fandom as a young teenager, and never looked back. At various points, fandom has served as a teacher and friend, and is ultimately how she discovered her career in United States political campaigns. She’s a notorious fandom hopper, but has written the most for The Social Network. Her favorite genre of fic is slice of life. She has definitely opened more than one 200k fanfic after midnight during the work week.

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