Kati Eggert 2020 Q&A: OTW Communication and Future

[Note: Due to a high volume of similar questions this year, many questions were merged and duplicate questions were left out. In total, there will be 6 Q&A posts to cover all of the topics brought up during the Q&A period. The candidates were limited to 300 words to answer each question, but they were allowed to rearrange and combine questions within a single post to more clearly express their thoughts.]

In your opinion, which of OTW’s long standing issues would be easier to fix, and what steps would you take to address it?

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Kati Eggert’s Bio & Platform


Kati Eggert works in project management, predominantly in cross-departmental projects with a focus on IT and Digitalisation.

She fell in love with science fiction and fantasy shortly after she learned to read. She joined organised fandom in the era of printed zines and monthly paper newsletters after stumbling over an ad for a Star Trek fan club in the back of a novel.

She enjoys cosplaying and volunteering at conventions, especially small fan-run cons. While Kati is still into Star Trek, she has also branched out to a multitude of other fandoms and enjoys reading meta about fandom and fanworks.

Kati followed the development of the OTW from its beginnings in 2008. She finally joined the Policy & Abuse Committee in 2015, followed by Translation (Team German) in 2019.

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