Jess White 2020 Q&A: OTW Communication and Future

[Note: Due to a high volume of similar questions this year, many questions were merged and duplicate questions were left out. In total, there will be 6 Q&A posts to cover all of the topics brought up during the Q&A period. The candidates were limited to 300 words to answer each question, but they were allowed to rearrange and combine questions within a single post to more clearly express their thoughts.]

In your opinion, which of OTW’s long standing issues would be easier to fix, and what steps would you take to address it?
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Jess White’s Bio & Platform


Jess White: Jess White is an avid consumer of all things fandom, and has been since she discovered her aunt’s Kirk/Spock zines in the early 90s. She then graduated to scribbling her own fanfic in notebooks with sparkly pens, then eventually creating content on message boards, individual fandom forums, livejournal, and eventually AO3. Jess has volunteered in the OTW for the past six years, predominantly in the Policy & Abuse Committee. She has also worked briefly in Support (for about two years) and is currently also volunteering with Fanlore as a Policy and Admin staffer. Outside of fandom, Jess has been a teacher for fifteen years.

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