Emyn a.’s Bio & Platform

June 26: Per an announcement, Emyn a. withdrew from the ballot.


Emyn a. (he/they) is a podficcer, rarepair enthusiast, The Sims building fiend and Six Nations fan. In their day job they are a customer service agent, with a focus on exam accommodations and testing event planning. Their deep understanding of the client and their processes has given them the opportunity to develop their skills in communication and self-sufficiency, as well as experience inducting and training new members to the team.

They joined the Organisation for Transformative Works (OTW) as a Translation volunteer in 2016, creating a new language team and running it solo until the adoption of new team members within the last few years. They’ve also enjoyed a stint in the Tag Wrangling committee, and are always enthusiastic to learn new things about how the org ticks.
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