Astrid Olin’s Bio & Platform

*July 1: Per an announcement, Astrid Olin withdrew from the ballot.


Astrid Olin is a bookkeeper and senior administrator for a small business. She resides in the Twin Cities with her husband, who she met in 2015 when she first joined the Policy & Abuse committee (yeah, you read that right — the fic just writes itself), and their two cats. Her first baby steps into the world of online fandom happened sometime in the late ’90s, back in the age of Geocities, plaintext video game walkthroughs, and Final Fantasy character shrines. She joined the Archive as a user in 2011 on the pretense of participating in a Final Fantasy gift exchange. She reads a wide and eclectic variety of fandoms, and has a fondness for canon ships, rare pairs, and femslash. Her current fandoms include Dragon Age, Veep, and Stardew Valley.

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