About the Elections Committee

The Elections Committee is responsible for running OTW Board elections. Formed in mid-2014 to move elections out of the OTW Board and into a separate group, we ensure the fairness, timeliness, and confidentiality of the election process. As a team, we update the procedures, communicate with OTW members and other committees about the process, help candidates prepare for and carry out their tasks, and run the election itself.

Though all the members of the committee work together to foster a team environment and complete specific projects, there are five specialized positions that our staffers fulfill. They are as follows:

Candidate Liaison

Candidate Liaisons are responsible for outreach and support for election candidates. They work directly with candidates to guide them through candidacy declaration and election processes.

Communication Specialist

Communications Specialists are the lead writers and editors of the committee. They prepare public news posts and internal announcements, as well as helping with the writing and editing of committee documentation.

Team Coordinator

Team Coordinators are responsible for all things administrative and organizational within the committee. They create procedures, run recruitment, schedule meetings, assist with creating project plans, and maintain committee documentation.

Voting Process Architect

Voting Process Architects create and maintain our voting procedures and software. They create, update, and verify the committee’s election procedures to minimize the risk of tampering. They also advise the committee of the best strategies to preserve voter and candidate privacy and the integrity of the voting process.

Chair Track Staffer

Chair Track Staffers focus on learning all aspects of the committee’s activities in preparation for being considered for a Chair position. They spend six months learning everyone’s roles by shadowing other members and helping them to complete their tasks.

If you want to know more or are interested in joining our team, contact us here!