Matty Bowers 2015 Q&A: Powers of the Board

Currently, there are no checks on the power of the Board outside the Board itself, since the Board can change the OTW’s bylaws without approval from anyone else. If elected, would you support adding non-Board checks on the Board’s power to the bylaws? If so, what types of checks would you support? If not, why would you not support any checks?

In general any changes should at minimum be run by our Legal committee, who would hopefully catch anything too egregarious. Ideally, any new changes and the reasoning behind them should also be reviewed by the OTW committee chairs and it’s members.

Per our bylaws, members may also amend, adopt or repeal bylaws, however at the moment this is not technically feasible. I would like to adopt a system that can ensure our members are able to carry out these powers.

In accordance with Article VI, Section 1 of the By-laws, the President (and any other Officers) can be appointed at majority will of the Board without being Board members themselves. What are you thoughts on major players and representatives of the Org being chosen without the approval and confidence of the general Org electorate? Do you believe this leaves those roles vulnerable to being filled by unqualified persons? How would you as a Board member work to ensure Officers were qualified for the positions they held?

I would prefer that any such appointments be approved by our committee chairs. This would help ensure that all appointments are made to the benefit of the organization as a whole.

Regardless, any such appointments should be discussed and evaluated in public so that everyone, from chairs to members, can review the nominations and raise objections as needed.

The Board approved in August 2015 a change in the OTW bylaws that would allow Board to remove any Board member, with or without reason. Under what, if any, circumstances do you believe this should occur?

I do believe there are times when it would be reasonable for a Board member to be removed. For instance, if a Board member vanishes without notice or otherwise ceases to uphold the duties placed upon them, it may be beneficial to remove them from the Board.

This should not be undertaken lightly however. Elected Board members should not be removed to make way for more like-minded individuals or because they protest certain decisions. Due to the severity of the decision, I would recommend that Board clearly document the steps they’d take in such a situation.