Aline Carrão 2015 Q&A: Goals and Vision

The Manifestos tell us some of each candidates’ ambitions of what they want to achieve if elected. I’d like to see that made more specific and SMART. In other words: what’s going to be the first action you’ll undertake/the first project you’ll tackle/first thing you’ll do if elected?

Any and all projects I intend to prioritize and achieve will depend of the collaboration and willingness of other board members and OTW volunteers. So trying to quantify or set a timeline by myself, without taking this into consideration, would be unwise, and I probably wouldn’t be able to achieve anything on my own.

My first action as Director has to be, due to the nature of the role, to learn about the board’s current procedure and projects. After that, I believe the first things that need to be changed are moving more discussions back into open spaces, making the board and their work more accessible to org volunteers, and restructuring our finances management structure, but both these changes depend on the willingness of the full board to commit to them as well, so it’s difficult to make promises all by myself. All I can say is that I will do my best to make them happen.

What is your five year vision for OTW? AO3?

OTW: For our volunteers, I wish to see a higher level of satisfaction with their work and a healthy work atmosphere, with better tools and training on all levels, and, through that, hopefully better retention. For the OTW itself, I wish to see it financially better organized, with better budgeting and auditing practices. I’d also like to see the Org’s internal structure revised to better address the way the OTW operates now.

AO3: I hope to see AO3 growing and improving, following their current roadmap, and the Org giving Archive teams all the resources and support they might need. I would hope that the current contract with a paid coder to execute projects is the first of several others in that direction, and that the paid work can complement our volunteers’ tireless efforts to keep the Archive up and running, and help sustain the Archive’s continued growth over time.

If you could change something in the OTW’s bylaws, what would it be?

Keeping in mind that this would, of course, need to be run past our Legal team, and that I don’t believe Board should change the OTW’s bylaws without their input and without the input of the organization’s volunteers, there are several small things in our bylaws I believe could be reviewed to reflect the growth of the OTW. For example, I think it would be beneficial to set minimum performance criteria for board members in the bylaws, to make sure that people stepping up for the position are aware of the actual amount of time and commitment that the position requires. It might also be a good idea to review the OTW’s governance structure, so that the board is not the body responsible for advisory, outreach and executive work simultaneously.