Matty Bowers 2015 Q&A: Goals and Vision

The Manifestos tell us some of each candidates’ ambitions of what they want to achieve if elected. I’d like to see that made more specific and SMART. In other words: what’s going to be the first action you’ll undertake/the first project you’ll tackle/first thing you’ll do if elected?

The Board is comprised of a group of people; one person alone can not make any major changes without approval from the rest. Until I’ve met with the other Board members, it’s difficult to say what projects or actions I could immediately take on with any degree of success.

What I can do immediately is to reach out to all the committee chairs as soon as I join Board. I intend to be an advocate for our chairs, volunteers, and members and I will ensure their voices are being heard. If they have specific concerns or needs that aren’t being addressed, I can promise those issues will be brought to Board’s attention and taken care of as soon as possible.

What is your five year vision for OTW? AO3?

OTW: First, I’d like Board to approve a five year plan that has concrete, structural improvements outlined for the OTW and start implementing it. At minimum, we should have a full Board with qualified candidates running for election each year. All our projects should be running successfully and the volunteers involved should be satisfied with the level and quality of work asked of them. We should have an active membership and should be regularly meeting the donation goals outlined in our budget. The OTW finances should be managed effectively and be audited each year.

AO3: Our AD&T committee, with the aid of other related committees, has set a roadmap for Archive and will revise and expand it as needed. Board should be ready and willing to support them where required.

If you could change something in the OTW’s bylaws, what would it be?

Article IX: I – Power of Members. New Bylaws may be adopted or these Bylaws may be amended or repealed by the vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Members of the Corporation or by the written assent of such Members.

Article V: XV – Removal. A) Any Director may be removed from office, with or without cause, by a vote of the majority of Members at a meeting duly called for that purpose at any time.

Neither of these options are technically feasible right now. There is no way for members to recall Board members or to alter the OTW bylaws; members have neither the tools or the membership information required. I’d like to investigate our options and see if we can give members the powers they have been promised by our bylaws.