Q&A Process and First Answers!

Today the Elections Committee is excited to reveal the first set of Q&A answers! The topic will be conflict of interest. Before we begin, we’ll explain how the posting process will work.

There are 56 questions (we received 58, but two pairs were similar enough to be combined). Thank you so much to everyone who submitted a question! They are sorted into 17 groups according to topic, such as ethics, finances, and management. The candidates were given a period of 21 days to answer those groups of questions, one at a time, in the order they preferred, with a maximum of 24 hours to finish a single group. The deadline to answer all the questions is October 14th.

Instead of waiting until that day to post all the answers at once, we will post responses once all the candidates have completed the same set of questions. We have a document where you can check which sets of questions are more likely to be posted next.

To make it easier for users to browse for topics concerning them, we will not clump all of a candidates’ responses in the same post. Instead, we will post each group of questions separately for each candidate, with one tag unique to that topic and one tag unique to the candidate. People browsing our site will be able to search for all of one candidate’s answers or for all answers to a particular set of questions.

Once the answers have been published, the chats will be held. We have yet to confirm the dates and times, but please watch this space for those!

Without further ado, you’ll be able to read the candidates’ individual answers regarding Conflict of Interest by following the links below:

If, on the other hand, you want to read all the Q&A answers at once, you can do so through the Q&A 2015 tag.