2011 OTW Board Elections – 12 Hours Left to Vote!

We’re now 12 hours away from the end of the voting period — polls close at noon UTC 18 Nov (check the time in your area)! So far, an amazing 60% of eligible voters (505 out of 845) have submitted their ballots.

Thank you to all who have voted so far! We’ve heard a couple calls for something along the lines of “I Voted” stickers, so we’ve whipped one up and made it available below for your use. Anyone else who would like to make graphics is welcome to share them as well!

For anyone who has yet to vote, remember to check your eligibility (membership donation between 1 Oct 2010 and 17 Oct 2011), then check your inboxes for your voter emails! Those contain your voter account username and instructions for setting your password, which you can use to log in with your voter account. Once you’re logged in, the ballot can be found here, and you can read about our candidates here. Questions? Contact the OTW Elections Officer.

Graphic displaying text 'I Voted!' in black on a white field. A red OTW logo replaces the letter O

Feel free to link this graphic by copying the text below the image and pasting it into your journal or website!