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Election Statistics for 2015


Some of you were interested in a release of statistics about the Election, especially regarding the number of votes each candidate has received. While we understand this request, due to election policies, we are unable to release specific vote counts for candidates. Our process is designed to elect an equal cohort of Board Members, to enable them to work together well. Therefore, we normally will not reveal which of the elected candidates received the most votes, and will simply announce who was elected. As a general rule, we also won't disclose which of our unsuccessful candidates received the fewest votes, since we don't want to discourage them from running again in the future when circumstances and member interest might be different. In addition to that, we're not allowed to disclose most of the information we acquire about our voters.

Due to recent events, we released the ranking information about this year's candidates with permission from 5 of the 6 candidates (we did not ask Andrea Horbinski). However, as our goal is to promote an equal and harmonious Board of Directors, we do not intend to reveal this information in future elections unless a situation like the one we witnessed last weekend happens again.

Board Appointment of Last Place Candidate to Empty Board Seat


On 14 August 2015, the Board voted to change the size of the Board from 9 Directors to 7. Before this vote, the Board informed Elections that only 2 seats would be available to be filled this year. This is complicit with Article V, #3 of the by-laws, which states that at least 2 Directors must be elected yearly, and if the Board has 7 or more Directors, at least one-third of the Directors must be elected yearly.

2015 Election Results


The Elections Committee would like to thank all of our candidates for their hard work in this year's election. With that, we are pleased to present the results of the 2015 Election.

Atiya Hakeem and Matty Bowers (in alphabetical order) have been officially elected to the Board of Directors. The new members of the Board will formally begin their term overlap on December 1. We wish them well with their terms.

Election Delay


We've had a short delay in the election starting due to an issue with our voting software. It's now fixed, and the ballots will be out in the next two hours. Thank you so much for your patience, and happy voting!

If you have any questions, please let us know using our contact form.


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